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Empowering women in the EU and beyond

Empowering women in the EU and beyond

Empowering women in the EU and beyond

Female empowerment is a cornerstone of EU gender policy. Progress towards gender equity within the Member States involves all aspects of society. A variety of political, economic, social and cultural elements that can empower women are at stake.
Data on education and reproductive health points to the basis of female empowerment, that is, the development of women’s intellectual capacities and physical potential to participate in society. Data on women in the labour market highlights women’s potential to play a full part in working life and the importance of social policies in enabling them to do so. Information on women’s economic and financial power describes aspects of female empowerment through financial inclusion, such as equal access to and control over financial and economic resources. Lastly, data on women in leadership and conflict reflects on the emergence of female leaders in politics and business and informs about the involvement of women in political violence and conflict resolution.

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