Indicative 2014-2020 budget for Copernicus services and in-situ components

The provision of Copernicus services is based on the processing of environmental data collected from Earth observation satellites and in situ sensors.
The services provided are as follows:
• an atmosphere monitoring service, which provides information on European air quality, and on the chemical composition of the atmosphere on a global scale;
• a marine environment monitoring service, which provides information on the state and dynamics of the physical ocean and marine ecosystems across the globe, and on European regional marine areas;
• a land monitoring service, which provides information on land use and land cover, the cryosphere, climate change and bio-geophysical variables;
• a climate change service, which adds to the EU’s climate change knowledge base to support adaptation and mitigation policies;
• an emergency management service, which provides information for emergency response to different types of disaster, including meteorological hazards, geophysical hazards, deliberate and accidental man-made disasters and other humanitarian disasters, as well as for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities;
• a security service, which provides information to help meet the civil security challenges facing the EU, including better crisis prevention, preparedness and response capacities, border and maritime surveillance, and to support the Union’s external action.