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Fig 2 – Missing migrants

Missing migrants along the Mediterranean migratory routes

Missing migrants along the Mediterranean migratory routes

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) carries out the Missing Migrants project, aimed at compiling data on migrants who have died or gone missing, either at the external borders or in the migration process. It excludes, for instance, deaths in refugee camps or during return to a migrant’s homeland, or as a result of labour exploitation. Various sources of data are used such as relevant national authorities, IOM field missions, direct reporting by IOM and other organisations receiving survivors, and media reports. IOM and UNHCR make sure that data are consistent.
The map shows the number of deaths on the Mediterranean routes in 2017. The bar chart below on the left compares the number of deaths for the last four years. The line chart shows the evolution of the phenomenon by six-monthly periods.
The three boxes on the right represent the monthly average number of migrant deaths on the three Mediterranean routes in the last five years, as well as an estimated gender breakdown.

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