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The migration challenge [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

Flagge der Europäischen Union EU, Puzzle und das Asyl

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Next week, European Union Heads of State or Government will discuss the politically charged issue of reforming the EU’s migration and asylum policies. Divisions among EU members over how to handle migrants were exposed again earlier this month when Italy’s new government tightened its migration policy, while the German ruling coalition faced a potentially destabilising rift over the issue.

The EU’s southern borders remain under pressure from irregular migrants escaping poverty and war in the Middle East and Africa. Although the 2016 agreement between the EU and Turkey significantly slowed the influx of migrants into Europe, the problem continues to be used for political gain by nationalist, anti-immigrant and populist movements across the EU.

This note offers links to commentaries and studies on migration by major international think tanks. Earlier papers on the same topic can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think Tanks are Thinking’, published in March 2018.

Merkel’s options, Europe’s future
Carnegie Europe, June 2018

The Conte government: Radical change or pragmatic continuity in Italian foreign and defence policy?
Istituto Affari Internazionali, June 2018

Flexible solidarity: A comprehensive strategy for asylum and immigration in the EU
Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2018

Italy’s new maverick government: Mixed signals for the EU, bad news for asylum seekers
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, June 2018

Social innovation for refugee inclusion conference report: Maintaining momentum and creating lasting change
Migration Policy Institute, June 2018

Africa-Europe ties need a reset, but not just because of migration
Friends of Europe, June 2018

Refugees are a ‘win-win-win’ formula for economic development
Brookings Institution, June 2018

Syrian refugees in Turkey: Beyond the numbers
Brookings Institution, June 2018

Annual report on migration and asylum EU 2017
European Migration Network, May 2018

Refugee integration: Millennials do it differently
Friends of Europe, May 2018

Calls to begin returning refugees to Syria must be resisted
Chatham House, May 2018

Plugging in the British: EU justice and home affairs
Centre for European Reform, May 2018

Cinq thèses sur la ‘crise des réfugiés’ en Allemagne
Institut français des relations internationales, May 2018

On the way to a global compact on refugees: The ‘Zero Draft’, a positive, but not yet sufficient step
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, April 2018

EPIM policy update
European Policy Centre, European Programme for Integration and Migration, April 2018

L’impact budgétaire de 30 ans d’immigration en France: (I) une approche comptable
Centre d’études prospectives et d’informations internationales, April 2018

Avoiding the sandstorm in the Sahel: A reflection on security, migration and development
Istituto Affari Internazionali, April 2018

La politique migratoire de l’UE, facteur d’instabilité au Sahel?
Confrontations Europe, April 2018

Europe’s great challenge: Integrating Syrian refugees
Rand Corporation, April 2018

Social distance, immigrant integration, and welfare chauvinism in Sweden
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, April 2018

Intelligente Grenzen und interoperable Datenbanken für die innere Sicherheit der EU
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, April 2018

Migrationsprofiteure? Autoritäre Staaten in Afrika und das europäische Migrationsmanagement
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, April 2018

The cost of remittances
Bruegel, April 2018

The EU remains unprepared for the next migration crisis
Carnegie Europe, April 2018

Responding to the ECEC needs of children of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and North America
Migration Policy Institute, April 2018

It’s relative: A cross-country comparison of family-migration policies and flows
Migration Policy Institute, April 2018

Leading the way? Italy’s external migration policies and the 2018 elections: An uncertain future
Istituto Affari Internazionali, March 2018

The future of the Schengen Area: Latest developments and challenges in the Schengen governance framework since 2016
Centre for European Policy Studies, March 2018

Complaint mechanisms in border management and expulsion operations in Europe: Effective remedies for victims of human rights violations?
Centre for European Policy Studies, March 2018

Les partenariats entre l’Union européenne et les pays africains sur les migrations: Un enjeu commun, des intérêts contradictoires
Institut français des relations internationales, March 2018

Scaling up refugee resettlement in Europe: The role of institutional peer support
Migration Policy Institute, March 2018

Balanced migration: A progressive approach
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, March 2018

Oversight and management of the EU Trust Funds: Democratic accountability challenges and promising practices
Centre for European Policy Studies, March 2018

On International Women’s Day: More focus needed on integrating migrant women
Centre for European Policy Studies, March 2018

Cracked foundation, uncertain future: Structural weaknesses in the Common European Asylum System
Migration Policy Institute, March 2018

Read this briefing on ‘The migration challenge‘ on the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

Visit the European Parliament page on ‘Migration in Europe‘.




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