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From AI to zero-waste life – An A-Z of EPRS resources on 35 policy topics

It is often difficult to find brief and accessible analysis of today’s burning European Union policy issues among the enormous amount of material available.

Written by Michael Kaczmarek and Lisa Pschorn,

EYE video recording (WEDFM) – © European Parliament

It is often difficult to find brief and accessible analysis of today’s burning European Union policy issues among the enormous amount of material available. Videos, podcasts and infographics, brief and longer analyses: EPRS colleagues transform their research and analysis into different formats, available on several platforms. To make it easier for you to find the analysis you need, EPRS has compiled topical selections of links to its publications and other online resources on 35 European Union policy areas.

The 35 one-page notes served as background information to questions discussed on Parliament’s European Youth Ideas Hub. A link to each of these Topical Digests is available via the ‘Learn more’ button in each section of the Hub. The whole collection of Topical Digests is also listed below, covering issues ranging from A-Z – from ‘Access to health’, or ‘AI as a force for good’, through ‘Green cities’ or ‘Migration and integration’, to ‘Vaccination’ and ‘Zero-waste life’.

Likewise, EPRS background information served as input for this year’s online edition of the European Youth Event (EYE), which ran from April to May 2020. The event’s 60 live-streamed online activities attracted over 2.2 million views. Several EPRS colleagues participated as speakers or moderators in four of these EYE online sessions, which you can (re)watch here:

What Europe does for me

Europe in 2020: 70 years after the Schuman Declaration

Work in times of crisis and after

Rural reactions to Covid-19

EPRS Topical Digests to continue the discussion

Below you can find the links to the Topical Digests (left column) that serve as background information to continue the discussion in the corresponding blog section of the European Youth Ideas Hub (right column).

EPRS Topical Digest Related question on the European Youth Ideas blog
Access to health Is it a right for all or a privilege for the few?
AI as a force for good How do we make sure technology serves the people?
Brexit Where do we go from here?
Budgeting What does it mean to put your money where your mouth is?
Climate Emergency Can we still save ourselves?
Dealing with news How do we know what is true in this chaotic mediascape?
Digital Addiction Are screens making us sick?
E-citizenship How to get heard in 2020?
EU-Africa How can we build a mutually beneficial partnership?
Europe and the US What is the role for young people?
Food of tomorrow How do we ensure zero hunger and a healthy diet for all?
Future of Education What’s worth learning in school?
Green Cities What should cities of the future look like?
Hate speech Are we becoming numb to it?
LGBTI rights We’re queer, we’re here and … is equality near?
Life fully What is a life well spent?
Living with disabilities How can we become more inclusive?
Mass surveillance Should we be yearning for some privacy?
Millennials and Mental health Are we burning out?
Migration and integration What does being European mean in 2020?
Modern slavery How do we stop it?
Perception of migration How to balance society’s compassion and fear?
Populism Is it a dangerous path or an intriguing opportunity?
Precarious contracts Is it time to stop saying yes to lousy jobs?
Rich-poor divide How do we make sure economic growth is inclusive?
Rural renewal How do we get young people to the fields?
Safety first Does this mean more or less weapons?
Slow Shopping Can we adapt business models to sustainable consumption?
Sustainable and reliable energy How to achieve it?
Trade and Corruption Do we deal with corrupt countries or not?
Understanding cultures How should education contribute to connecting people?
Vaccination How do we balance freedom of choice and public welfare?
Waste Should we buy less or dispose better?
Wonder woman How can we all be equal?
Zero-waste life What do we need to achieve it?

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