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Cumulative uptake of full vaccination

Cumulative uptake of full vaccination (% of adults) on 12 July 2021

Cumulative uptake of full vaccination (% of adults) on 12 July 2021

On 14 June 2021, the EU established the EU digital Covid certificate with the aim of facilitating the free movement of people in the EU. The certificate allows EU citizens and residents to easily prove, for example, when crossing internal borders, that they are vaccinated against Covid 19, have received a Covid 19 negative test result, or that they have recovered from Covid 19. The holders of the certificate should, in principle, not be subjected to additional travel restrictions. Member States remain responsible for adopting specific coronavirus measures, which are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health, but they must ensure that all holders of the EU certificate are treated equally.
The European Parliament has supported the establishment of the EU digital Covid certificate, but insisted that it should lead to the removal of remaining restrictions on freedom of movement in the EU. The Parliament also sought to ensure that the introduction of the certificate does not lead to any discrimination, in particular between those who have access to vaccines and testing and those who do not.
The legal framework for the EU digital Covid certificate was adopted in record time (less than three months) and has been applicable since 1 July 2021. If necessary, a Member State may postpone the implementation of the EU certificate for a maximum period of six months (no longer than 12 August 2012). All EU countries are currently connected to the EU gateway supporting the EU digital Covid certificate.
The EU Covid certificate should be used as a precondition for free movement. However, the announcement that, as of 14 July, Malta will ban entry to anyone without a recognised vaccination certificate challenges this principle. Recalling that any restriction on freedom of movement should be proportionate and no-discriminatory, the Commission asked Malta to explain its new measures.

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