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Most reliable level of government by country

Most reliable level of government, by country

Most reliable level of government, by country

Cities and regions – combined – are often perceived as the most trusted level of public authority in the EU. In a 2017-2018 participatory online survey by the European Committee of the Regions, almost a third of respondents (29 %) considered city governments to be the most reliable level of government, while 36 % felt they could rely most on EU-level, and 21 % on national governments. In all countries, cities and municipalities were considered to be more reliable than regions. Interestingly for a future-oriented reflection, the level of trust in local and regional levels is lowest among the younger generations and increases steadily with age.
Trust in regional and local authorities tends to be higher in northern and western EU countries but this can evolve and the picture is usually relatively complex. Disparities can be explained by structural or situational factors such as the country’s political structure and sharing of competences, the quality of life and services, political performance and approval ratings of leaders, perception of corruption, etc.

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