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Women in Digital

Women in Digital (WID) score, 2022

Regarding the key activities of Action 13, the November 2022 EEA progress report highlighted the following results. Since the launch of the Girls Go Circular project in 2020, over 13 500 girls in secondary education have participated in digital and entrepreneurial skills training through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and its knowledge and innovation communities. The project aims to equip 40 000 schoolgirls with these skills by the end of 2027. Following the first Women and girls in STEM forum in 2021, the second edition with around 1 000 registered participants was held in October 2022, to discuss empowering girls in science and technology. In the context of the three-year ESTEAM project, ESTEAM online communities of practice are being set up, and 11 ESTEAM Fests are organised in 19 Member States to boost women’s and girls’ entrepreneurial and digital competences. The first ESTEAM Fests took place in May and June 2022.

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