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Recovery and resilience plans in the 2023 European Semester: Progress and country-specific recommendations

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2023

Energy policy in the national recovery and resilience plans

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National Recovery and Resilience Plans: Latest state of play

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2022

Matching priorities and resources in the EU budget: Climate action, migration and borders [Policy Podcast]

National ratification of the Own Resources Decision: Procedure completed on 31 May 2021

EU climate action policy: Responding to the global emergency

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: An analytical overview

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2021

Parliament’s consent to the 2021-2027 MFF

InvestEU programme: The EU’s new investment support scheme [EU Legislation in Progress]

Future financing of the Union: MFF, Own Resources and Next Generation EU

Negotiations on the next MFF and the EU recovery instrument: Key issues ahead of the July European Council

Next Generation EU: A European instrument to counter the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Discharge procedure for the EU Budget: Political scrutiny of budgetary implementation

European Green Deal Investment Plan: Main elements and possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic [Policy Podcast]

Temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in an emergency (SURE)

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EU Budget 2021-2027: Challenges and opportunities

Migration and border management: Heading 4 of the 2021-2027 MFF

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