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Towards a public European health infrastructure: ‘A revolution is needed in the EU pharma ecosystem’

Outermost regions of the EU [Policy Podcast]

BLOG 2 months ago

Slot utilisation at airports – Parliament decides on a further update


‘This is Europe’ debate in the European Parliament: Speech by Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, on 13 September 2022

Impact of Covid-19 on asylum procedures in EU Member States

BLOG 7 months ago

European Parliament Plenary Session – May II 2022

The future of pandemics: Preparing for health shocks in the 21st century

Future Shocks 2022: Responding better to future pandemics

Inflation in the wake of coronavirus and war [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Understanding COVAX: The EU’s role in vaccinating the world against Covid-19

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Wellbeing and Covid-19: Life in the pandemic

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International Women’s Day 2022: Courage, resilience and the importance of gender-sensitive responses

Beyond the pandemic: The potential of ambitious gender equality policy

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Ethical issues in the Covid-19 pandemic: Digital health applications

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Coping with the pandemic: Psychosocial consequences of the corona crisis

BLOG 10 months ago

National Recovery and Resilience Plans: Latest state of play

BLOG 10 months ago

Education: A human right to cherish and protect

Ask EP By
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Ask EP 2021 – You asked, we answered!

BLOG 11 months ago

European Parliament Plenary Session – January 2022

Ask EP By
BLOG, EP Answers 12 months ago

What is the European Union doing to handle future epidemics of illnesses transmitted from animals to humans?

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