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Western sanctions and Russia: What are they? Do they work?

Ten issues to watch in 2022

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The von der Leyen Commission’s six priorities: State of play in Autumn 2021

Ten composite indices for policy-making

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The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play in spring 2021


The role of the European Council in negotiating the 2021-27 MFF

Understanding EU financing for external action

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: An analytical overview


Artificial Intelligence in road transport: Cost of Non-Europe report

Ten issues to watch in 2021

Slowing down or changing track? Understanding the dynamics of ‘Slowbalisation’

Protecting EU common values within the Member States: An overview of monitoring, prevention and enforcement mechanisms at EU level

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Disruption by technology: Impacts on politics, economics and society

Ten opportunities for Europe post-coronavirus: Exploring potential for progress in EU policy-making

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