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Outlook for the meeting of EU leaders on 16 December 2021

Harnessing the new momentum in transatlantic relations: Potential areas for common action during the Biden presidency

Plenary round-up – Strasbourg, January I 2020

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Global Trendometer – Essays on medium- and long-term global trends – July 2018

Policy Cycle, PUBLICATIONS 4 years ago

Outcome of the EU leaders’ meetings on 22 and 23 March 2018

EU efforts on counter-terrorism – Capacity-building in third countries [Policy podcast]

North Korea [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Qatar: Rising tension in the Gulf

EU Global Strategy: turning a vision into action

Protection of cultural heritage in armed conflicts

Water disputes in Central Asia: Rising tension threatens regional stability

Syria [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Minsk peace agreement: still to be consolidated on the ground

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Topics and links − May 2014

Minerals from conflict areas: Existing and new responsible‐sourcing initiatives

North-East Atlantic fish stock disputes: The mackerel and herring conflicts


The g7+ group of fragile states

Security situation in Sinai

Le conflit du Cachemire: Après la reprise du dialogue indo-pakistanais

Colombia: new momentum for peace?

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