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What if nature taught us to adapt to climate change? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Could a European climate label help us shop sustainably?

What if we grew plants vertically? [Science and Technology Podcast]

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The road to EU sovereignty in critical technologies

What if ecolabels could nudge us to choose greener food? [Science and Technology podcast]

Cities in a globalised world: Exploring trends and the effect on urban resilience

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How artificial intelligence and space technologies will enable the green and digital transitions

What if ‘rewilding’ could help reverse biodiversity loss in Europe? [Science and Technology podcast]

What if insects were on the menu in Europe? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionising our future: opportunities and challenges

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Rethinking education in the digital age

What if crop protection were environment-friendly? [Science and Technology podcast]

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STOA Panel gears up for the new parliamentary term

What if ‘nudging’ good habits could make us healthier? [Scientific and Technology Podcast]

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Shaping the future of Europe: investing in young researchers

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Making difficult decisions in agriculture: STOA Workshop

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Towards a space-enabled future for Europe

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Europe’s outermost innovation frontier: STOA Annual Lecture on Space

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How do MEPs stay connected with the world of science and technology?

Cleaning up our act, how to go about waste management in Europe?

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