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Religion and human rights

Although on the EU agenda for decades, recent events, such as the migration crisis and the issues with the rule of law in some Member States, have brought the issue of values back into focus. Continue reading

Equality and the Fight against Racism and Xenophobia: Cost of Non-Europe Report

Equality is one of the fundamental values on which the European Union is founded. It is reflected in the Treaties and the Charter, as well as in EU secondary legislation. Nevertheless, one in five people within the EU have experienced discrimination in the last 12 months. Continue reading

Article 17 Dialogue – Book Presentation – Jihad and Death – the Global Appeal of ‘Islamic State’

On 21 November 2017, the European Parliament library hosted a presentation by renowned political scientist Professor Olivier Roy, Joint Chair of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence, of his most recent book, ‘Jihad and Death – the Global Appeal of Islamic State’. Continue reading

12 graphs: Ten branches of Shia Islam

Written by Clare Ferguson, Much has been said, and misrepresented, about the world’s Muslim population, on both sides of the Atlantic this year. While increasing ethnic and religious diversity cannot be ignored, including the possibility that this might prompt increasing social division, future society and governance in the EU must find a way to tackle … Continue reading

The future of Jewish communities in Europe

Proceedings of an event held in the framework of Article 17 TFEU dialogue between the EP and representatives of the Jewish community in Europe. Continue reading

Jewish communities in the European Union

Europe’s Jewish population has been diminishing in recent decades, and a growing number of anti-Semitic acts and anti-Jewish violence have been occurring in recent years in the EU. In defence of its values, including respect for minorities, the EU undertakes and funds actions to counter anti-Semitism. Continue reading

The Employment Equality Directive – European Implementation Assessment

Written by Jan Tymowski, Equality is one of the fundamental values that the European Union is founded upon, and it is duly reflected in the Treaties, as well as in national laws of the Member States. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU states explicitly that any discrimination based on – among other grounds … Continue reading

Education and Intercultural Dialogue as tools against radicalisation

Written by Denise Chircop, At a time of rising concerns in Europe over radicalisation and violent extremism, the role that education and intercultural dialogue can play in promoting respect for diversity, pluralism and human rights is increasingly under the spotlight. Roles and concepts Education is the competence of the Member States and the European Union’s … Continue reading

The EU institutions and dialogue with non-confessional organisations

Written by Magdalena Pasikowska-Schnass, The European institutions hold dialogue sessions every year with churches and non-confessional and philosophical organisations. Based on Article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE) the dialogue focuses on issues upon the European agenda. Background: from ‘A Soul for Europe’ to TFEU Article 17 In 1994, … Continue reading

Understanding the branches of Islam

Written by Sebastian Kusserow and Patryk Pawlak with Clare Ferguson On 24 September 2015, all Muslims celebrate the feast of sacrifice, or Eid al-Adha. Whilst the Islamic faith is based on a number of shared fundamental beliefs and practices, over time, leadership disputes within the Muslim community have resulted in the formation of different branches, … Continue reading

Religious fundamentalism and radicalisation: a documentary overview

Recent Islamist terrorist attacks have placed counterterrorism policies in the focus of public attention and have moved governments to review their deradicalisation activity. This Keysource collects literature on Islamic fundamentalism and Islamist radicalisation, defining the phenomena, and explaining how and where radicalisation occurs. It goes on to present theories on why radicalisation is happening in … Continue reading

Visits to the European Parliament by spiritual leaders

Written by Claudia Touceira Da Silva See also the related publication: Les relations entre le Saint-Siège et les institutions européennes : un dialogue ouvert When visiting the Vatican in October 2013, European Parliament President Martin Schulz invited His Holiness Pope Francis to address Members during a formal sitting in Strasbourg on 25 November 2014. According to … Continue reading

Freedom of religion (and belief) in external EU-policies

On 25 April 2013 the European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics (EPPSP) hosted a meeting on freedom of religion in external EU-policies. In her introductory speech EPPSP Chair Sophie in ‘t Veld (NL, ALDE) clarified the issues at stake: “How can the European Union and its’ member states actively assure the protection of freedom … Continue reading

Religious slaughter of animals in the EU

Religious texts set down traditional methods of slaughter; simply using a knife to kill the animal. The right to continue using these methods is strongly contested between members of the Jewish and Muslim faiths and animal rights activists. Opponents of the practice feel that animals should be stunned before slaughter – standard industry practice worldwide … Continue reading

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