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Road transport: Driving, breaks, rest times and tachographs [EU Legislation in Progress]

Road haulage is important for the EU transport economy: in 2015, it accounted for almost 50 % of freight transport. Continue reading

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Written by Marketa Pape with Amalie Bjornavold, As most of the energy used for transport in the EU is dependent on oil, facilitating the transition to low-emission mobility is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40 % below 1990 levels by 2030. Although electric vehicles (EVs) are making inroads into the European automotive fleet, … Continue reading

What if cars became crucial for the energy grid? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Written by Lieve Van Woensel with Brian Kelly, Smart transportation is widely seen as creating a world in which the vehicles of the future have the ability to make decisions without human input. But in addition, car batteries can serve as an electricity storage mechanism, supporting stabilisation of the electricity grid through vehicle-to-grid technology. Smart … Continue reading

Road charges for private vehicles in the EU

Written by Susanne Pillath, Road charges are fees for the use of a particular road network or section of road. Since the 1990s, the focus of European transport policy has shifted from the application of road pricing purely as a means to generate revenue towards the use of charges as an instrument against pollution and … Continue reading

Emissions in the automotive sector

Citizens recurrently turn to the Parliament to request information about the EU’s actions to fight against air pollution by emissions from motor vehicles. After the car emissions scandal in September 2015, citizens asked for stricter controls of emission measurements in the automotive sector. Following the car emissions scandal in September 2015, the European Parliament adopted … Continue reading

Reducing CO2 emissions from transport

Written by Marketa Pape Graphics by Eulalia Claros International efforts to keep global warming below 2˚C and avoid catastrophic climate change require systematic cuts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all areas of human activity. Transport currently accounts for about a quarter of EU GHG emissions, making it the second highest emitting sector after the … Continue reading

Towards a European road safety area

Written by Alessandra Di Tella Road transport is known to be the most dangerous of all transport modes and deaths and serious injuries from road traffic crashes represent a major societal challenge for EU. Road safety is a shared competence between the Union and the Member States, and the responsibility for a large bulk of … Continue reading

The Cost of Non-Europe in Transport

Written by Monika Nogaj and Eulalia Claros Updated in March 2015 Transport is a vital component of the EU economy with huge untapped potential. The sector suffers however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs and that could be addressed through further action at EU level.   The gains that could … Continue reading

Single Market in Transport and Tourism: Cost of Non-Europe Report

Single Market in Transport and Tourism : Cost of Non-Europe Report Significant progress has been achieved during the last 20 years in creating a Single Market for Transports. European tourism is and will remain a vital component of the economy, with enormous economic potential. Both sectors suffer however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs … Continue reading

EU rules on vehicle registration and inspections

Car drivers, especially when confronted with cross-border issues, recurrently turn to the European Parliament asking for help and information about the EU rules regarding periodic vehicle registration procedures or inspections.   Before a vehicle is allowed to be put on the market, it has to fulfil all the relevant type or individual approval requirements guaranteeing … Continue reading

Urban mobility: Shifting towards sustainable transport systems

Written by Ariane Debyser Urban mobility is confronted by many challenges, the key one being traffic congestion: urbanisation and a high dependence on cars having led to congestion in urban areas. Traffic congestion adversely impacts the urban environment itself in a direct way, leading to poor air quality, noise emissions, high levels of CO2 and … Continue reading

Mega trucks: a solution or a problem?

The Weights and Dimensions Directive of 1996 sets maximum vehicle dimensions and weights for national and international road transport in the EU. However, Member States are able to decide on derogations from these rules for vehicles used only in national transport. Longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs) also known as mega trucks, gigaliners, eurocombis, and ecoliners, typically measure 25.25 metres … Continue reading

Deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure

The development of alternative fuels for transport is essential for reducing the EU’s dependence on crude oil and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The European Commission has proposed a directive which requires Member States to foster the deployment of infrastructure for the supply of these alternative energies for road and waterway transport. Background According to … Continue reading

Weights and dimensions of road vehicles in the EU

The White Paper on transport policy (2011) set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 60% by 2050, in comparison with 1990 levels. In this context, the European Commission proposed to revise the rules on the weights and dimensions of road vehicles, to allow more energy-efficient, aerodynamic vehicles to be put on … Continue reading

Reducing CO2 emissions from new cars

Parliament and Council reached a first reading agreement on CO2 emission targets for new passenger cars in November 2013. The agreed text specifies modalities for reaching a CO2 emissions target of 95 g/km by the end of 2020. It allows for flexibility in the use of so called super-credits, which encourage production of cars with … Continue reading

Urban mobility

European cities and their populations are facing everyday problems related to transport and mobility: congestion, air and noise pollution, inefficient public transport services, accidents… The European Union is aware of the issues and has proposed initiatives to tackle it from different aspects since the mid 90’s. But the organization of urban mobility is primarily a … Continue reading

Towards new tachograph rules

6 language versions available in PDF format Ausarbeitung neuer Fahrtenschreibervorschriften Hacia unas nuevas normas sobre tacógrafos Vers de nouvelles règles sur le tachygraphe Verso nuove norme sul tachigrafo Ku nowym zasadom dotyczącym tachografów Towards new tachograph rules Tachographs play a central role in road transport in the European Union (EU) through making competition between transporters … Continue reading

Smart design for longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs)

The front design of the future long and heavy vehicles (LHVs)  circulating on European Union roads might undergo a restyling, following the European Commission Proposal presented on 15 April 2013 for a directive amending the so called Weight and Dimensions Directive.  The purpose of the proposal is to allow car industry to develop more aerodynamics LHVs thus … Continue reading

Electronic Toll Service and road charging

The maintenance and development of road infrastructure, allowing for smooth mobility of persons and goods, is essential for the internal market. Tolls are increasingly used but existing toll systems are often mutually incompatible, leading to delays. Moreover, public investment in inland transport has been decreasing for years. The EU has launched several initiatives, including the … Continue reading

Sound level of motor vehicles

6 language versions available in PDF format Geräuschpegel von Kraftfahrzeugen Nivel sonoro de los vehículos de motor Niveau sonore des véhicules à moteur Livello sonoro dei veicoli a motore Poziom dźwięku pojazdów silnikowych Sound level of motor vehicles Traffic noise has impacts on citizens’ health and well-being. The European Commission therefore proposed a Regulation which … Continue reading

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