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Geopolitical and financial consequences of the shale revolution: Europe, Russia and Asia

Global gas demand As an effect of the ongoing financial and economic crisis, global gas demand (p.1) has decreased in the past years. At the same time, unconventional gas production, mainly in the US, has, together with an increased global capacity in liquefied natural gas (LNG) altered the supply side. These developments have an impact … Continue reading

EU-Russia relations: towards a new agreement?

6 language versions available in PDF format Beziehungen EU–Russland: Einigung auf ein neues Abkommen? Relaciones UE-Rusia ¿hacia un nuevo acuerdo? Relations UE Russie: vers un nouvel accord? Relazioni UE-Russia: verso un nuovo accordo? Czy stosunki UE–Rosja zmierzają w kierunku nowego porozumienia? EU-Russia relations: towards a new agreement? Negotiations for a new EU-Russia agreement are proving … Continue reading

Chypre : un prêt russe pour sortir de la crise

Lourdement frappée par la crise financière, Chypre s’est résolue à demander de l’aide. Deux demandes ont été lancées en parallèle: l’une auprès de l’UE et l’autre auprès de la Russie. Cette demande de prêt russe pose question pour les partenaires européens de Chypre. Pourtant, elle n’a rien d’étonnant vu les liens étroits que maintiennent Chypre … Continue reading

Fighting organised crime: our products that support the EP’s work

For our part, we have produced a set of library products aiming to support the work of the Committee and will continue to do so. Now, in order to provide a comprehensive and complete overview of the topic, we present them all here. If you need a short, but in-depth analysis we suggest you look … Continue reading

EU-Russia trade relations: State of play and prospects

EU-Russia trade relations are growing again, after a drop in 2009.Russia is the EU’s main energy supplier. In return, the EU provides Russia with high-tech, manufactured products. Despite widespread fears of European dependence on Russian energy supplies, the overall picture is more complex. It is true that Russia has a strong comparative advantage in fuel, … Continue reading

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