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Safety rules and standards for passenger ships [EU Legislation in Progress]

The European Commission, in line with its regulatory fitness and performance programme (REFIT), has evaluated existing EU legislation on passenger ship safety and presented three proposals for directives, aimed at simplifying rules and cutting administrative costs, while at the same time making sea travel safer. Continue reading

Cutting sulphur emissions from ships

Written by Marketa Pape To improve human health and protect the environment, the EU focuses on different aspects of air pollution from maritime transport. Tighter rules on sulphur emissions from ships came into effect on 1 January 2015. Under these rules, all ships operating in northern EU waters must comply with strict new sulphur emissions … Continue reading

The Cost of Non-Europe in Transport

Written by Monika Nogaj and Eulalia Claros Updated in March 2015 Transport is a vital component of the EU economy with huge untapped potential. The sector suffers however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs and that could be addressed through further action at EU level.   The gains that could … Continue reading

La libéralisation des services portuaires européens: un état des lieux

Written by Ivana Katsarova En tant que points d’accès au continent européen, les quelque 1 200 ports maritimes jouent un rôle de premier plan à la fois pour le secteur européen des transports et pour la compétitivité de l’Union européenne (UE). Ils disposent, par ailleurs, d’un important potentiel en matière de création d’emplois et d’attrait pour les investisseurs. … Continue reading

Single Market in Transport and Tourism: Cost of Non-Europe Report

Single Market in Transport and Tourism : Cost of Non-Europe Report Significant progress has been achieved during the last 20 years in creating a Single Market for Transports. European tourism is and will remain a vital component of the economy, with enormous economic potential. Both sectors suffer however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs … Continue reading

Maritime spatial planning

Some EU Member States (MS) have introduced a maritime spatial planning (MSP) process to manage the activities taking place within their seas and coastal areas. Increased activities at sea are expected to contribute to economic growth and innovation. The E uropean Commission has proposed a Directive that would oblige MS to make such plans and … Continue reading

Blue growth: Sustainable development of EU marine and coastal sectors

In September 2012, the European Commission put forward a blue growth strategy for the EU. Elaborated in the context of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy, the initiative focuses upon the potential of the EU’s marine and maritime sectors to contribute to sustainable economic recovery in Europe, and in particular to create new jobs and foster … Continue reading

Liberalisation of EU port services: issues and consequences for dock workers

EU ports play an important role in facilitating the EU’s external trade and internal market exchanges and are a direct and indirect source of more than half a million jobs. The Commission has been trying for many years to develop a specific EU policy framework for ports. Twice in the past decade, Commission proposals for … Continue reading

Slow down, save fuel, pollute less…

Speed controls on shipping could save billions in lower ship fuel bills, cut air pollution and enable the shipping industry to play a full part in tackling climate change according a report by CE Delft consultants. The shipping industry is urgently invited to take up the challenge of slow steaming. A recent guide by Marine … Continue reading

Cruising with a green boat

Millions of travellers take cruise vacations every year. Yet, most travelers don’t realize that taking a cruise is more harmful to the environment and human health than many other forms of travel. The issue There are more than 230 cruise ships operating world wide. Cruise ships are literally floating cities that provide some of the … Continue reading

Maritime piracy must come to an end

MEP Graham Watson (ALDE, UK) told a parliamentary hearing on 7 June 2012 that maritime piracy is “particularly worrying”. According to Mr Watson piracy has once again become a major problem with global impacts, just as it was in the 19th century. Events off the coast of Somalia and the Horn of Africa are particularly … Continue reading

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