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Radicalisation, extremism and terrorism: Words matter

EU-US cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs – an overview [Policy Podcast]

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US Presidential Election: Transatlantic Perspectives

The CJEU’s Schrems ruling on the Safe Harbour Decision

Cyber diplomacy: EU dialogue with third countries

EU-US negotiations on TTIP: A survey of current issues

Making the US federal budget: Process and hazards

Change in US-Cuba relations

TTIP – Regulatory cooperation

TTIP: the question of data protection

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Topics and links – September 2014

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Topics and links – August 2014

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Topics and links – July 2014


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in TTIP negotiations


TTIP : environmental aspects

Overcoming Transatlantic differences on intellectual property: IPR and the TTIP negotiations

Towards an EU-US trade and investment deal

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Topics and links − June 2014

EU trade talks with the US: 5th round of negotiations


EU and US competition policies: Similar objectives, different approaches

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