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Latest thinking on Brexit [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

Election or referendum in Great Britain. Conversation dialogue bubbles between European Union and United Kingdom.

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The European Council meeting on 20 October failed to produce the breakthrough needed for negotiations on the terms of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union to move to their second phase, in which issues such as future trade relations and possible transitional arrangements would be discussed. However, EU Heads of State or Government noted some progress in the negotiations on two of the topics from phase one, namely the rights of EU citizens within the UK and of UK citizens within the EU after Brexit, and how to deal with the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The European Council also agreed that internal preparatory discussions for phase two could start.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports published by major international think tanks and other organisations on EU-UK negotiations and on the implications of Brexit more widely. More studies on these issues can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think Tanks are thinking’ from September 2017.

Brexit: Next steps of UK’s withdrawal from the EU
House of Commons Library, October 2017

Better safe than sorry: Time to prepare for a ‘no deal scenario’
European Policy Centre, October 2017

EU27 tell UK no ‘sufficient progress’ on Brexit: Europe reacts
Open Europe, October 2017

Half a victory in Brexit negotiations
Institute for Government, October 201

The gaffe that keeps on taking: How to break the deadlock over Britain’s EU divorce bill
LSE, UK in a Changing Europe, October 2017

Open Europe responds to the October European Council summit
Open Europe, October 2017

Why did Brexit not work for the Conservatives?
LSE, UK in a Changing Europe, October 2017

Stalemate in Brussels: Is the Brexit cliff edge closer now?
Scottish Centre on European Relations, October 2017

Brexit: Sufficient unto the day
European Policy Centre, October 2017

Dispute resolution after Brexit
Institute for Government, October 2017

Does May need Merkel for a Brexit deal?
Carnegie Europe, October 2017

Is the UK going to be ready for a Brexit no deal?
Institute for Government, October 2017

Ensnared in the ‘Brexit’ Trap: Reflections on the future of Northern Ireland
LSE, UK in a Changing Europe, October 2017

Britain’s generation gap
Carnegie Europe, October 2017

Brexit uncertainty, Scotland and the UK in 2018: Four scenarios
Scottish Centre on European Relations, October 2017

Will the UK be more like Canada or Norway?
Open Europe, October 2017

After Florence: A step forward, but whose turn to go next?
European Centre for International Political Economy, October 2017

India’s trade ties with the UK and EU
Bruegel, October 2017

Britain’s digital advantage
Brookings Institution, October 2017

How the UK’s financial services sector can continue thriving after Brexit
Open Europe, October 2017

A Year of Brexit uncertainty lies ahead: Deal, no deal or a second EU referendum by autumn 2018?
Scottish Centre on European Relations, October 2017

EU Bill: ‘Supermaxing’ EU Law and reducing fundamental rights protections
LSE, UK in a Changing Europe, October 2017

Stocktaking after Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence: Key point – the transition, key omission – the future relationship
Centre for European Policy Studies, September 2017

Florence speech falls short on the details of a bespoke arrangement with the EU
LSE, UK in a Changing Europe, October 2017

Will Theresa May’s Florence speech break the Brexit deadlock?</a
Policy Network, October 2017

Can roaming be saved after Brexit?
Bruegel, September 2017

Why the sequencing of the Brexit negotiations should be abandoned
Egmont, September 2017

Brexit readiness score
Peterson Institute for International Economics, September 2017

Renewing the special relationship in a lonely world isn’t the way forward
Council on Foreign Relations, September 2017

Theresa May’s Florence speech: Much ado about nothing
European Policy Centre, September 2017

Europe’s fourfold union: Updating the 2012 vision
Bruegel, September 2017

Reversing over the cliff edge?
European Policy Centre, September 2017

In the Brexit negotiation, the UK will never escape the close connection between judicial and trade cooperation
Egmont, September 2017

Time for change: A new vision for the British economy
Institute for Public Policy Research, September 2017

Brexit: La solution est-elle en train de se dessiner?
Institut Thomas More, September 2017

DExEU’s paper on post-Brexit UK-EU security and defence cooperation: A question of influence
Policy Exchange, September 2017

Can Britain’s relationship with Europe be saved?
Policy Network, September 2017

Brexit and energy: Time to make some hard choices
Centre for European Reform, September 2017

Brexit Transitional Period: The solution is Article 50
Centre for European Policy Studies, September 2017

Implementing Brexit: Customs
Institute for Government, September 2017

Brexit’s threat to Northern Ireland
Chatham House, September 2017

Devolution after Brexit: ‘Power Grab’ or a ‘significant increase in decision-making power’?
Scottish Centre on European Relations, September 2017

Not the United States of Europe
Atlantic Council, September 2017

Le Brexit et l’espace de liberté, de sécurité et de justice
Notre Europe, September 2017

Brexit and Freedom of Movement in the EU: A legal primer
Jacques Delors Institute, Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung, September 2017

May must withstand Johnson’s bonfire of the vanities
European Council on Foreign Relations, September 2017

How strong a Brexit card is Britain’s money?
Centre for European Reform, September 2017

Europe’s hour is here
Rand Europe, September 2017

The EU will become less monolithic
Centre for European Reform, September 2017

Poland, Brexit, and the curse of history
Carnegie Europe, September 2017

Theresa May’s Brexit dilemma
Carnegie Europe, September 2017

Read this briefing on ‘Latest thinking on Brexit‘ on the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.



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