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The political science of Next Generation EU: Exploring potential impacts of the new recovery fund

The concept of ‘climate refugee’: Towards a possible definition [Policy Podcast]

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

Thinking about the future: What is the future of sovereignty and of European sovereignty?

BLOG, Events 3 years ago

‘How the EU political system is changing: New institutional dynamics since 2019’

BLOG, Events 4 years ago

The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA): What future for stabilisation and reconstruction

BLOG, Events 4 years ago

EPRS Annual Lecture 2019 – Clash of cultures: Transnational governance in post-war Europe

BLOG, Events 5 years ago

Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review– 2019 Lecture: ‘How the EU 27 came to be’

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: The migration issue [Policy Podcast]

United Nations reform

BLOG 5 years ago

The two first-ever UN global agreements on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions

International Human Rights Day

Migration & asylum: Projects & funding

Recent migration flows to the EU

World Refugee Day: making child-sensitive asylum and refugee policy

Safe countries of origin: Proposed common EU list [EU Legislation in Progress]

Vulnerability of unaccompanied and separated child migrants

Tunisia: Economic indicators and trade with EU

BLOG, Events 7 years ago

EPRS Roundtable on ‘Europe’s Migration and Security Nexus: The role of the EU and the UN’

World Refugee Day: Gender-sensitivity is called for in Asylum and Refugees Policies

Arbitrary detention of women and children for immigration-related purposes

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