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Future Shocks 2023: Defending the EU’s democratic information sphere [Policy podcast]

Trump’s disinformation ‘magaphone’: Consequences, first lessons and outlook

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Disruption by technology: Impacts on politics, economics and society

Belarus on the brink

States of emergency in response to the coronavirus crisis: Situation in certain Member States III

The impact of coronavirus on media freedom

The EU’s global response to coronavirus

The EU’s response to coronavirus in its neighbourhood and beyond

Covid-19 foreign influence campaigns: Europe and the global battle of narratives

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How should democracies respond to the disinformation dilemma?

BLOG, Events 4 years ago

Adventures in the war against reality: a veteran expert reports from the frontline

Oleg Sentsov: The 2018 Sakharov Prize laureate

The European Parliament’s evolving soft power – From back-door diplomacy to agenda-setting: Democracy support and mediation

Understanding European Parliament delegations

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3 Key Questions on Disinformation and democracy

How the EU budget is spent: EU cooperation with Greenland

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Truth, trust and democracy: in a digital world, is knowledge still power?

The 2018 Sakharov Prize

From post-truth to post-trust?

Computational propaganda techniques

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