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2021 the European year of rail

As it has done every year since 1983, the EU selects a specific topic on which to raise awareness and encourage public debate throughout the year. Continue reading

2021: European Year of Rail

Every year since 1983, the EU has chosen a special annual theme to celebrate and to bring to public attention. The idea is to raise awareness on the issue, encourage public debate on it across the EU and underline its political importance. Continue reading

Road and rail transport and coronavirus: Mapping the way out of the crisis

In the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis, the lockdown and border closures halted most passenger services in road and rail transport and left road hauliers to face uncertainty and very long waiting times at many border crossings. Continue reading

Rail passengers’ rights and obligations in the EU [EU Legislation in Progress]

In 2007, the EU established a set of basic rights for rail passengers, which became applicable at the end of 2009. These rights provided for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility, a harmonised minimum level of protection, information and assistance. While the implementation of these rights has generally been smooth, recent reports have concluded that this is not done uniformly across the EU. Continue reading

Rail passengers [What Europe does for you]

With European elections coming up in May 2019, you probably want to know how the European Union impacts your daily life, before you think about voting. In the latest in a series of posts on what Europe does for you, your family, your business and your wellbeing, we look at what Europe does for rail passengers. Continue reading

Bus and coach passengers [What Europe does for you]

Bus and coach passengers should have the same level of protection and assistance as is provided for users of other forms of transport. The EU has adopted specific rules for regular coach services of 250 km or more that start and end in an EU country. Continue reading

The Fourth Railway package [Policy Podcast]

Written by Damiano Scordamaglia, Put forward by the European Commission in 2013, the fourth railway package comprises six legislative proposals to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of rail across the European Union. It aims to remove the remaining institutional, legal and technical obstacles, and create a truly integrated European Railway Area. The legislative process on … Continue reading

The fourth railway package: Another step towards a Single European Railway Area

Written by Damiano Scordamaglia with the collaboration of Ivana Katsarova, Railways were the first modern means of transport and the rail network developed considerably across the EU over time. Despite its expansion, when comparing 1995 with 2013, rail’s share has decreased for freight and has remained fairly constant at about 6% for passenger transport. This … Continue reading

Reducing CO2 emissions from transport

Written by Marketa Pape Graphics by Eulalia Claros International efforts to keep global warming below 2˚C and avoid catastrophic climate change require systematic cuts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all areas of human activity. Transport currently accounts for about a quarter of EU GHG emissions, making it the second highest emitting sector after the … Continue reading

‘Shift to Rail’ – Research for EU rail transport

Written by Damiano Scordamaglia The EU is faced with major societal issues such as rising transport demand, traffic and road congestion, security of energy supply and cutting CO2 emissions. Greater reliance on rail transport and improvements to the sector’s competitiveness and resource-efficiency could help tackle these problems. To this end, a new EU initiative for a … Continue reading

The Cost of Non-Europe in Transport

Written by Monika Nogaj and Eulalia Claros Updated in March 2015 Transport is a vital component of the EU economy with huge untapped potential. The sector suffers however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs and that could be addressed through further action at EU level.   The gains that could … Continue reading

Fourth railway package still divides Member States

Written by Ivana Katsarova The fourth railway package was proposed by the Commission in January 2013. This is the latest in a series of reforms over the past 15 years that have led to deep-seated changes in the rail sector aimed at improving the quality of services, cutting their cost and creating greater interoperability within the European railway … Continue reading

Single Market in Transport and Tourism: Cost of Non-Europe Report

Single Market in Transport and Tourism : Cost of Non-Europe Report Significant progress has been achieved during the last 20 years in creating a Single Market for Transports. European tourism is and will remain a vital component of the economy, with enormous economic potential. Both sectors suffer however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs … Continue reading

The Fourth Railway Package: an overview

Over the past decade, the European Commission has pursued a strategy for the revival of rail transport in the European Union (EU), to achieve a more competitive and resource-efficient transport system. In 2013 this process has moved to a new phase with the publication of a draft legislative package to liberalise domestic passenger rail services … Continue reading

Towards new tachograph rules

6 language versions available in PDF format Ausarbeitung neuer Fahrtenschreibervorschriften Hacia unas nuevas normas sobre tacógrafos Vers de nouvelles règles sur le tachygraphe Verso nuove norme sul tachigrafo Ku nowym zasadom dotyczącym tachografów Towards new tachograph rules Tachographs play a central role in road transport in the European Union (EU) through making competition between transporters … Continue reading

4th Railway Package: focus on Interoperability

On 30th January 2013 the European Commission adopted the 4th railway package, made up of six legislative proposals aiming at enhancing the quality and efficiency of rail services and introducing more choice in railway services in Europe.  Among the proposed measures, the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on … Continue reading

Railway noise mitigation

Rail noise represents a serious risk for citizens´ health in the European Union. The main source of rail noise emissions lays in the rail-wheel interaction both in passenger and freight wagons. However, this problem is often largely associated with rail transport of goods. According to European Environment Agency, rail noise affects about 12 million EU … Continue reading

Système ferroviaire français condamné par la Cour européenne

Dans un arrêt rendu le 18 avril 2013, la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne estime que la France a manqué à ses obligations découlant du droit de l’Union dans le domaine du transport ferroviaire. Fonctions essentielles La directive 91/440 a initié la libéralisation du transport ferroviaire afin d’assurer un accès équitable et non discriminatoire … Continue reading

Railway companies to refund passengers even in case of force majeure?

According to an opinion by Advocate General Jääskinen, delivered on March 14, 2013, rail passengers must have part of the cost of their ticket refunded in case of significant delay even if that delay is caused by force majeure. Air passengers In a recent ruling the Court of Justice ruled that an air carrier must … Continue reading

Le quatrième paquet ferroviaire

English version available in PDF format The fourth railway package Le quatrième paquet ferroviaire proposé par la Commission en janvier 2013 est le dernier en date d’une série de réformes qui, depuis une quinzaine d’années, ont engagé le secteur ferroviaire dans une transformation profonde visant, notamment, l’amélioration de la qualité des services et la réduction … Continue reading

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