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Genome editing in humans: A survey of law, regulation and governance principles

Demographic Outlook for the European Union 2022

BLOG 1 month ago

STOA study on diverging obligations facing public and private sector applications of artificial intelligence

BLOG 1 month ago

STOA study on the use of artificial intelligence in workplace management

Future Shocks 2022: Consolidating EU internal security

Future Shocks 2022: Strengthening European defence union [Policy Podcast]

Future Shocks 2022: Safeguarding EU and global food security

Future Shocks 2022: Building a healthier online environment for healthy democracies

Future Shocks 2022: Consolidating strategic ties with democracies

Future Shocks 2022: Establishing greater strategic autonomy for European industry [Policy Podcast]

Future Shocks 2022: Promoting economic recovery and resilience

Future Shocks 2022: Responding better to future pandemics

Future Shocks 2022: Strengthening our energy security

Future Shocks 2022: Building a European social model for the 21st century [Policy Podcast]

Future Shocks 2022: Climate-Proofing the EU


European political parties and the European Council: A pattern of ever closer coordination?

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2022


Digital transformation – Cost of Non-Europe

Policy Cycle, PUBLICATIONS 5 months ago

How to stress-test EU policies: Building a more resilient Europe for tomorrow

BLOG 6 months ago

The road to EU sovereignty in critical technologies

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