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Security to the fore – February plenary session

Written by Clare Ferguson Parliament’s next plenary session takes place from 9 to 12 February in Strasbourg. With little high-profile legislative work on the agenda, the session takes place before a backdrop of ongoing security concerns. The informal European Council meeting at the end of the week is likely to demonstrate how the EU’s leaders … Continue reading

Making smart cities come true: EU funds for our future mobility and transport

During this mobility week we also would like to raise awareness on the EU funds available for research and innovation projects. You might not know, but for many years EU money has co-funded research teams to develop new modes of transport in our cities: whether we are talking about intelligent transport systems such as connected … Continue reading

Me and my urbanity

The global population is forecast to increase to 9.1 billion by 2050. Urban population will grow from 50% to 70% of that total. Global CO2 emissions from inland passenger and freight transport is also predicted to grow around 100% by 2050 – by 500% in China and India. Unsurprisingly, such population expansion will put pressure … Continue reading

Future challenges for transport policy

In the modern era, our urban landscapes have been shaped and adapted in thrall to cars, which account for more than 80% of passenger transport on land in the EU . The emphasis of the European Mobility week 2014 , the theme of which is “Our streets, our choice”, aims to highlight an alternative approach, … Continue reading

Urban mobility: Shifting towards sustainable transport systems

Written by Ariane Debyser Urban mobility is confronted by many challenges, the key one being traffic congestion: urbanisation and a high dependence on cars having led to congestion in urban areas. Traffic congestion adversely impacts the urban environment itself in a direct way, leading to poor air quality, noise emissions, high levels of CO2 and … Continue reading

Eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions

As fossil fuels become scarcer and more expensive, and as the threat of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions increases, it is ever more important to consider alternatives in the fields of energy and transport. STOA is the Science and Technology Options Assessment body,which provides independent scientific advice to the European Parliament. STOA has … Continue reading

Intelligent Transport Systems in urban areas

The urban dimension of EU transport policy is earning more and more attention from the European Commission, given the implications and the strong impact that the transport systems play in the day to day life of the more than 70% of EU citizens living in urban areas. Promotion of sustainable mobility is at the core … Continue reading

Sustainable Urban Development

Smart growth, green growth and inclusive growth are the three pillars of sustainability. An urban integrated approach rather than a sectorial one is needed to ensure the success of the policy. Urban policy has to provide cities in Europe with instruments to achieve the right balance between the social, economic and environmental dimensions. This Keysource … Continue reading

Urban mobility

European cities and their populations are facing everyday problems related to transport and mobility: congestion, air and noise pollution, inefficient public transport services, accidents… The European Union is aware of the issues and has proposed initiatives to tackle it from different aspects since the mid 90’s. But the organization of urban mobility is primarily a … Continue reading

Who can adequately react at 50 km/h? The European Citizen´s Initiative

What would you reply to the following question: “Which speed in town do you think is the most appropriate?” Believe it or not, there is a scientific answer to this question. Boundaries of our human body The human body is designed so that it can reach a speed of 30 km/h when running fast: indeed … Continue reading

Sound level of motor vehicles

6 language versions available in PDF format Geräuschpegel von Kraftfahrzeugen Nivel sonoro de los vehículos de motor Niveau sonore des véhicules à moteur Livello sonoro dei veicoli a motore Poziom dźwięku pojazdów silnikowych Sound level of motor vehicles Traffic noise has impacts on citizens’ health and well-being. The European Commission therefore proposed a Regulation which … Continue reading

Priorité aux cyclistes ! Mais voitures tolérées…

Le panneau de signalisation officielle pour les rues cyclables est enfin arrivé! En même temps, la loi sur les rues cyclables est entrée en vigueur en Belgique. Un cycliste empruntant une telle rue pourra utiliser toute la largeur de la voie publique lorsque celle-ci est à sens unique et la moitié droite de la route … Continue reading

Des mesures simples pour rendre nos villes plus sûres pour les piétons et cyclistes

Un nouveau rapport international propose des pistes à l’attention des décideurs pour améliorer l’environnement des piétons et des cyclistes et ainsi contribuer à des villes plus agréables à vivre La marche: bienfaits… La marche ne coûte pas cher, ne génère pas d’émissions polluantes, utilise des énergies non fossiles, apporte d’importants bienfaits pour la santé, est … Continue reading

Truckers on bicycles: To be seen or see for yourself!

Cyclists don’t always feel safe on the road. Especially when confronted with huge lorries and a fortori in urban zones. Ever tried crossing tramway rails? How do you as a cyclist stay safe when cycling near large vehicles? How do you stop lorry drivers running over cyclists? Blind (spot of) point of view Both beginning … Continue reading

Bikes instead of lorries

How do you move your documents and packages around the city with no impact on the environment? No idea, read, on. The answer is…by bike.  Cargo bikes have been spotted on Brussels streets, and in European cities and capitals. Over 30 companies from across Europehave now joined forces to form the “European Cycle Logistics Federation“. … Continue reading

Getting paid when travelling outside rush hour!

Getting paid when travelling outside rush hour! Wouldn’t you begin your commute earlier or later if you had a chance of winning up to about 600 euros? Fed up with packed trains and metros during morning peak periods? Then read on. A solution may be at hand. The Dutch Railways (NS) and public transport undertakings … Continue reading

How congested are European cities?

How congested are European cities?  According to the INRIX Index, the top 3 worst countries for traffic across Europe are:  Belgium, Netherlands and Italy . The Top 25 worst traffic cities across Europe in 2011 were: Milan, Italy, Brussels and  Antwerp, both in Belgium. How bad is traffic? Where are the worst places and the … Continue reading

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