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Artificial intelligence [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually understood as the ability for a machine to display human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity.

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Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually understood as the ability for a machine to display human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity. The ‘Holy Grail’ for many governments and companies seeking to benefit from the digital revolution, the first to invent and apply true AI could achieve an enormous advantage in economic and military terms. However, there are serious ethical implications in such potential developments. Many aspects of AI have already been applied since the 2000s in machines with sufficiently fast processing speeds, equipped with learning techniques and fed large amounts of data. Current versions of AI help to drive cars, beat chess champions, and offer excellent medical diagnostics, to take a few examples.

This note offers links to recent commentaries, studies and reports from international think tanks on AI and related issues.

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Bruegel, February 2020

Out of the slow lane: How Europe can meet the challenge of AI
European Council on Foreign Relations, February 2020

The dynamics of data accumulation
Bruegel, February 2020

Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity
Centre for European Policy Studies, January 2020

Artificial intelligence-based development strategy in dependent market economies: Any room amidst big power rivalry?
Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Institute of World Economics, January 20

Ever cleverer Union: How AI could help EU institutions become more capable, competent, cost-effective and closer to citizens
Open Political Economy Network, December 2019

AI and the productivity paradox
Bruegel, December 2019

A candle in the dark: US national security strategy for artificial intelligence
Atlantic Council, December 2019

Europe’s third way in cyberspace
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, December 2019

It’s not magic: Weighing the risks of AI in financial services
Center for the Study on Financial Innovation, November 2019

Establishing trust in an AI-powered future
Jacques Delors Institute, November 2019

An ambitious agenda or big words? Developing a European approach to AI
Egmont, November 2019

EU–US relations on internet governance
Chatham House, November 2019

The case for a global AI framework
Friends of Europe, November 2019

Diplomacy in the age of artificial intelligence
Real Instituto Elcano, October 2019

The impact of artificial intelligence on strategic stability and nuclear risk
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, October 2019

Intelligence artificielle et politique internationale. Les impacts d’une rupture technologique
Institut français des relations internationales, November 2019

Intelligence artificielle et analyse du risque en matière de stabilité stratégique
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, October 2019

The case for intelligent industrial policy
Bruegel, October 2019
The case for intelligent industrial policy
Bruegel, October 2019

Analytical report: Preparing the armed forces for disruptive technological changes
European Policy Centre, September 2019

Making Artificial Intelligence work for everyone
Chatham House, September 2019

Artificial Intelligence prediction and counterterrorism
Chatham House, August 2019

Beyond the hype: The EU and the AI global ‘arms race’
Carnegie Europe, August 2019

Machine politics: Europe and the AI revolution
European Council on Foreign Relations, July 2019

Automation, labor market disruption, and trade policy
Peterson Institute for International Economics, July 2019

Harnessing artificial intelligence
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2019

Intelligence artificielle et réduction du risque nucléaire : Données du problème et argument politique
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, June 2019

Artificial Intelligence and society: ‘Technology is not destiny’
Chatham House, June 2019

The future of work? Work of the future! On how artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are transforming jobs and the economy in Europe
European Political Strategy Centre, May 2019

Helping the EU win the trust game
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 2019

Intelligence artificielle et avenir du travail : Quelle voie européenne?
Confrontations Europe, April 2019

Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, governance and policy challenges
Centre for European Policy Studies, February 2019

Artificial Intelligence: Tools and online hate speech
Centre on Regulation in Europe, February 2019

IA et emploi en santé: Quoi de neuf docteur?
Institut Montaigne, January 2019

Read this briefing on ‘Artificial intelligence‘ in the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

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    Noginsk Energetikov St. 7, apartment 95, from V.A Petrenev
    Tel. 8-9175873228

    You all correctly replied that this is not your area of ​ ​ activity. So don’t answer my letter. But we usually refer to theorists in this area Wiener and Kolmogorov, where their theory is – “Random Process Prediction (extrapolation), predicting the value of a random process at some future point in time from the observed values ​ ​ of this process (or, more generally, any statistically related process to it – for example, the sum of a predicted process with random interference distorting observations, i.e., “noise”) in the past and present. In almost all situations of interest, the predicted value of the process X (t) at t = t1 cannot be accurately determined from the available observation data, and one can only ensure that the random prediction error D = X (t1) – X1 (t1) where X1 (t1) – the predicted value of X (t1) on average would be as small as possible. In the theory of S. p. Optimal (best) is usually considered a forecast for which the mathematical expectation of the square of error D is minimal; such an optimal prediction coincides with the conditional mathematical expectation of the random variable X (t1), provided that the observed quantities by which the prediction is made take fixed (known from observations) values. A large place in the theory of S. p. is occupied by the theory of optimal linear S. p., devoted to methods of finding a linear function from these observations such that for it the average square of its deviation from X (t1) is less than for all other linear functions; in a number of practically important cases, such an optimal linear S.p. coincides with the general optimal. ”

    It is possible to predict an event if there is no time interval between two points, Such a prediction is possible if we see information about such an event in two places at the same time, so the time interval between these two events is represented as a past event, on the basis of which a forecast is made in the future. In this regard, what is involved in the implementation of such a forecast is the overcoming of a distance in a time interval, which is associated with the advent of the creation of superconductors, where Quantum teleportation is the transfer of a quantum state to a distance using a coupled entangled pair disconnected in space and a classical communication channel, in which the state is destroyed at the departure point during measurement and recreated at the reception point. Bohr insisted on the fundamentally non-deterministic (statistical) nature of quantum phenomena and on the irreparability of the effect of measurement on the state itself. As a quintessential expression of these disputes, Einstein’s dialogue with Bohr is often cited: “God does not play bone. – Albert, do not tell God what to do., “As well as Einstein’s sarcastic question:” Do you really think that the moon exists only when you look at it? In – Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, the principle of Heisenberg uncertainty was mentally violated: if there are two particles of common origin, you can measure the state of one particle and predict the state of another, over which measurement has not yet been made. Analyzing similar theoretically interdependent systems in the same year, Schrödinger called them “confused”
    That’s why I knew that only on the technical side can 100% forecasting or implementation. Where are the technars, there are removal of barriers. Other than that, implementation proceeds along the technical chain regardless of our decision.
    Oh Wan.

    Power question – a political question. Nord Stream 2. From distribution of capacities, and it is Complementarn a chain with secondary communications. In Russia a pipe to Germany the main Complementarn the chain, is farther secondary group chains of Europe. Time interval from the supplier of energy to the consumer and further processing of a svyaan with identification in the most production cycle. Probability of accidental process depends on the identification in this chain.

    I, on the most front front, “биласть exhausted evil spirits of a breast in the friend and each other, stopped a disgrace е for ever the person goes into the woods fearlessly now. And so I knew that I will be a key in identification of electric Complementarn of chains I and I prayed that this bowl passed by. And say no what you – answer, bitterns. “to poison dripped in wine and they snatched to hocus me solved, but went bankrupt.” Why right now there was so a question and why I became here on the way of this outcome. A matrix system where change at identification in complementary chains goes through two points, a cher two states. That is system приходитв one or the other unstable state. And electrical circuits are a complementary chain. Europe and Russia represents a complementary chain. The gas pipe connects Europe and Russia, creates complementarity, a matrix system. Farther distributing to consumers – secondary a group chain where differentiation are for identification of two points, two states. These two points in the range of time at identification, represent a matrix. I could tell what I tell without the facts and evidential base. Isn’t present not so I could make realization on the basis of a complementary chain in the range of time and receive to receive from an interval a real prduktion from a polymeric bag polymeric products where a matrix system. The main threat of stability is short matrix chains. Revolutionary changes became estestestvenny an evolutionary form of development with the advent of a matrix system. All political question consists that the Matrix system defines identification just like – “Then if who tells you: here, here Christ, or: here, there — don’t believe. Because pseudo-hrist and pseudo-prophets will rise and will give signs and wonders to seduce if it is possible, and the elite. You take care. Here, I beforehand told you everything”. From here at on such emergence of the false Messiahs. Actually we deal with double identification.

    All of us know about it, we know, but things are right where they started. Earlier the same Russian philosopher N. Berdyaev told about realization of a kommyunitarnost (matrix) , in the form of religious metaphysics religious , the Russian Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the Russian philosopher Pyotr Chaadayev all about the same Christianity, communism, fascism. Only any idea wasn’t realized.

    Now emergence of a matrix or complementary system where interaction became possible on the trailer a key the lock, became the answer on an exit from the crisis phenomena where perhaps 100% forecasting of accidental process as an opportunity to avoid death as was with the Buridan’s ass. And if the group form both in Russia and in Europe, for rescue of of darlings decided to calculate the mechanism of detection or calculation of a probable random element for rescue of of darlings, whether the choice goes on religion with a sacrificial messianic figure in Europe whether as Russia where mister Putin with the environment, builds to himself palaces, having robbed the Russian people, but also at the same time declares it as creation of new religion in the form of creation of artificial intelligence-. in the form of the cybernetic mechanism, a biological organism, containing mechanical or electronic components, a machine and human hybrid only without brains where the divine plan rests against an opportunity in the free choice of decision-making that means, the same Jewish communism, fascism about которм were told by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

    All these children’s reasonings on political leaders whom someone nominates or do them by those make them by hostages first of all their commitment to any given religion, but not just religions, and religions of a group form and the group relations.

    Actually Christian religion she more reflects elements of a matrix system and it would seem is in a conflict with from the scientific point of view where

    practically in all situations which are of interest the predicted value process of X (t) at the time of t = t1 can’t be precisely determined by the available data of observations and it is possible to try to obtain only that a random error of the forecast Δ = X (t1) – X1(t1)

    where X1(t1) — the foretold value X (t1)] on average would be whenever possible the smallest. The Russian philosopher Nikolay Berdyaev said that the ralization goes only not in this world.

    All this was so until the matrix complementary chain didn’t produce the evidence that the predicted value of process (t)) at the time of t = can be precisely determined by t1 by the available data of observations. It is also realization of the Christian idea. It is possible on the short site of a complementary chain, from the provision of two points. We speak about new religion or about new philosophy again. No, it is that in the short site a komplemetarny way between two points in the range of time the provision of two points is defined how a key the lock. It is possible to tell that COVID-19 (an abbreviation from English COronaVIrus Disease 2019), earlier coronavirus infection 2019-nCoV, coronavirus infection of 2019 — potentially heavy sharp. The respiratory infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Whether she represents copying of a short complementary chain for replacement of a chain of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) of RNA. ribonucleic acid, RNA – ribonucleic acid — one of three main macromolecules (two others — DNA and proteins) which contain in cages of all living organisms and play an important role in coding, reading, regulation and expression of genes.

    Order No. 377 K of 17.09.1998. The council of a forest complex of Bratsk made the decision about we wash dismissal a month later after a default on August 17, 1998 on August 18 at 9 in the morning 1998 three entered on my working the place. Unlike usual court from three people, the small Council from 23 people had the right to conduct criminal proceedings with an execution or flogging, the death sentence demanded the majority not less, than in two voices, and was taken out surely next morning after completion of business. The set of deliberately strict procedural requirements did the death sentence quite rare. Existence of the Great Council at the Temple was the essential requirement for the death sentence.

    In the same time of the 9th morning I was told that my mother dies. To say that me on September 18, 1998 in day of death of mother, having made a ritual religious practice it is of course nonsense. In this story to a skorra there was the fact that the complementary chain chose two points. And in the history we see that there were people who if were elements of two points appropriated a name of the prophet, the Messiahs that was valid illusions of these two points. Earlier it was called heresy. In the Talmud Jesus is called to Ash (ивр. ישו), apparently, because in the north of Palestine the guttural letter “Ainu” wasn’t said so the last “and” disappeared. The second letter “hy” (ивр. ה) which is in the name “Iyeoshua” (ивр. יְהוֹשֻׁעַ, see Yehoshua bin-Nong) I could be absent also in writing, as in the book by Nehemiah: Yahshuah (ивр. יֵשׁוּעַ, Ney. 8:17). A statement that that communication of Iyeoshua communication with evangelical Jesus Christ is for certain not proved. A statement it proceeds from a double identifikatsiiv to a matrix system. In the Old Testament there are prophecies on coming of the Messiah which in Christianity are interpreted concerning Jesus Christ as son Bozhy., who says what can’t be told precisely that Judaic Yahshuah and Jesus are one personality. It says about однй to the personality, also as it проиходитв a matrix system no just like.

    I don’t think that knew that 18 сенября my mother will die 1998, she died at 14 o’clock in the afternoon though all waited that she will die upon termination of 18 hours upon termination of the working day.

    On September 17 is a symmetry.

    Symmetry (other – Greek συμμετρία = “harmony”; from συν- “in common” + μετρέω “I will measure”), in a broad sense — the compliance, the invariance (invariancy) shown at any changes, transformations (for example: provisions, energy, information, another). So, for example, the spherical symmetry of a body means that the type of a body won’t change if to rotate it in space on any corners (keeping the center on the place and if the surface of a body is uniform). Topology. The bilateral symmetry means that the right and left side concerning any plane look equally.

    It in religious subject of Jews for realization the sacrificial figure in the Russian is necessary and the European traditions is a holiday of the Cover, protection.

    But it was talked of another about singularity of singularis “only, special”) Feature, or singularity in mathematics, in a point in which a mathematical object (usually function) isn’t defined or has irregular behavior (for example, the point in which function has a gap or isn’t differentiated in a complementary chain of two states or after all prediction of accidental process has 100%. All was already defined. In the mechanism of the Ribonucleic kislotaa (RNA) — one of three main macromolecules (two others — DNA and proteins) which contain in cages of all living organisms and play an important role in coding, reading, regulation and expression of genes the mechanical element of forecasting of processes also is brought as well as in the sequence of nucleotides allows RNA to code genetic information. All cellular organisms use RNA (mRNK) for programming of synthesis of proteins. Blood synthesis in fact it is a polymeric chain.

    That polymeric chain which was transformed by me to an element of implementation of two provisions in a type of two points of the present and future at aluminum plant the city of Bratsk the Irkutsk region in the form of polymeric ideles within 3 months. In the scheme of aluminum plant in the city of Bratsk the symmetry and a complementary chain were put by my Father – the Chief mechanical engineer. 24 cases after 8 cases in in 3 shops. I only continued a super position Kot of Schrödinger . According to quantum mechanics if over a kernel the observation isn’t made, then his state is described by superposition (mixture) of two states — the broken-up kernel and not broken up kernel, therefore, the cat sitting in a box both it is alive, and is dead at the same time. If to open a box, then the experimenter can see only some one concrete state — “the kernel broke up, the cat is dead” or “the kernel didn’t break up, the cat is alive”.

    The question costs so: when the system ceases to exist as mixture of two states and chooses one concrete? The purpose of an experiment is to show that the quantum mechanics is incomplete without some rules which specify, under what conditions there is a collapse of wave function, and the cat either becomes a dead, or survives, but stops being mixture of that and another.

    In the large complex systems consisting of many billions of atoms, the dekogerention occurs almost instantly, and for this reason the cat can’t be at the same time dead and live on any interval of time which is giving in to measurement. Process of a dekogerention is an essential component of an experiment.

    I had no time of time to make sure a live cat or not, but for me it became distance from Bratsk to Moscow of 5500 km within 3 days, then back 5500 km within 3 days and everything that was are realized production of polymeric products from a polymeric bag at aluminum plant the city of Bratsk.

    I don’t believe in mysticism, I don’t trust in religion. Interested me as the nature does singularity of singularis and a super position of Kot Shredinegr in the form of elokhovsky cathedral in Moscow and the person by the name of Elokhin in Bratsk who suggested to make polymeric products are two points in the range of time and prediction of process (t)) at the time of t = is precisely determined by t1.

    I could tell that citizens Jews forged everything. But I went to Elokhovsky Cathedral after the death of mother on December 20, 1999 not because believed that Jews fired me in day of death of mother. I went to check whether really there is a Singularity. I didn’t even know in what Moscow it is cathedral, his name and where this Cathedral. I dreamed about it and saw the nun. I was conducted by curiosity I didn’t know where to go, but just legs brought there. And here came it is real curiosity. I met the nun there and told her about everything that I dreamed, decided to check so it or not. Everything that I told the nun was confirmed. She was frightened and long discussed with someone, what I tell the truth or not. But I was absolutely surprised when I me in January, 2000 met in Bratsk the person by the name of Elokhin and suggested to polchit polymeric products at aluminum plant in the city of Bratsk the Irkutsk region. I am the Chief engineer of all categories, I the practician understood at once that I deal with what information transfer in two points as the quantum can be in two states at the same time, is connected with identification in a technological chain and at forest plant and aluminum plant in Bratsk the Irkutsk region. Of course it wasn’t accidental, it already was at the plants where such probability the sluchanykh of processes, passed every day. Nobody in it saw anything special.

    The nature of course an interesting thing can make identification in points Elokhin-Elokhov there as different sides of the same coin or to think up any combination. Especially workers who did polymeric products when at them polymeric products without me turned out had a delight. Which they never did and didn’t understand as it occurs. I only said when I wasn’t present at the same time that they received products at 15 o’clock in the afternoon.

    When I for release of polymeric ideles commercially, for aluminum plant in Bratsk, appointed day of start-up of installation which I made on the basis of identification in a complementary chain and probability of forecasting in a matrix chain on June 4, 2001 – the Council he admitted this fact, but didn’t want to recognize that these priorities not behind them. Also decided to judge me and to fire on June 4, 2001, but my Father who built aluminum заводв Bratsk died on June 3, 2001, and it was Sunday. And not just Sunday – it was June 3, 2001 celebration of an icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, but also this day coincided with денм the Holy Trinity and all this in day of death of the Father on June 3, 2001, Sunday. And on June 4, 2001 Monday start-up of my polymeric installation at aluminum plant of the city of Bratsk of the Irkutsk region. An event death was already made and Jews couldn’t fire me for the morning on June 4, 2001 any more. The religion didn’t allow.

    It was possible to tell all this it is thought up if not the document that start-up of my installation on June 4, 2001 symbolizing new philosophy was given rise to restrain my Father. On June 3, 2001, date which was corrected for date on June 8, 2001 before date of a serta on June 3, 2001 too. Who that knew or didn’t know, but the event took place.

    This philosophy already proved on May 25, 2005 in Moscow, at ten o’clock 30 min. when there was an accident at Chaginsky power plant in Moscow where I stood in Human resources department of the Oil Plant at this time. I wasn’t taken on the plant the Electrical circuit as a complementary chain which became short led to accident. On the other side of the Plant in city of Moscow Stavropolskaya Street, where Chaginskaya Street where be near the plant and accident where I began to work in thermal networks of Moscow where forecasting of accidents by me became big surprise. Unexpectedness of two points of identification. And when I was wanted to be fired to steal, as the group form did of people in Dead Souls and appropriated money, I told that now accident poizoydt. I couldn’t agree with it in any way. Also there was that panic when the Main thing of the engineer of thermal networks was told to turn on the TV where when he told me about a uvolneiya there was an accident. The singularity occurs instantly and in the range of time it is impossible to define a point.

    But here me already then revealed me and already fired under the article in Moscow from the Moscow United Energy Company (MUEC), for my forecast that the power system will come to one or the other unstable state.”.

    I that was exact and right. Accident on Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant — industrial technogenic catastrophe, the occurred August 17 2009. As a result of the made investigation of Rostekhnadzor the destruction of hairpins of fastening of a cover of the turbine of the hydrounit caused by additional dynamic loads of variable character to which education and development of fatigue damages of attachment units preceded that led to failure of a cover and flooding of the machine hall of the station was called an immediate cause of accident. Fired not at once in parts, such forecasts they concern the closed power systems.

    The Ministry of Energy reported about large-scale power accident in Siberia

    Moscow. May 29. INTERFAX.RU — Accident on power networks occurred in Siberia on Monday morning, is reported on the website of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

    Accident was resulted by decrease in power load of the Khakass and Sayansk plants of RUSAL by 1.4 GW, failure of technological processes is recorded. Besides, the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant lowered load of 1.6 GW.

    It is specified that wrong actions of personnel became a cause of accident.

    According to the Ministry of Energy, at 2:37 Moscow time on substation of 500 kV “Marked” (PJSC FGC UES belongs) at implementation of switchings for a conclusion in repair of the first system of tires of the first section of 220 kV the action of protection switched-off the first and second systems of tires of the first section of 220 kV. Three substations supplying with the electric power the plants of RUSAL were as a result deenergized. Accident on Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant — industrial technogenic catastrophe, the occurred August 17 2009. As a result of the made investigation of Rostekhnadzor the destruction of hairpins of fastening of a cover of the turbine of the hydrounit caused by additional dynamic loads of variable character to which education and development of fatigue damages of attachment units preceded that led to failure of a cover and flooding of the machine hall of the station was called an immediate cause of accident.

    On May 25, 2005 there was a rolling blackout in Chagino.

    My forecast was, it concerned Nord Stream 2 where the German oil and gas company Wintershall DEA considers comfortable price of oil in $35-40 for barrel, declared at an annual press conference of the company the head of Wintershall of DEA Mario Meren said. “In terms of a free cash flow this year we need the price in the range of $35-40 for barrel” — he noted. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany): fight around price of oil. Russia and Saudi Arabia began price war in the oil market. Which of them will hold on longer? Is that a question. And here for the American fracking (technologies for oil and gas production by a rupture of terrestrial layers are an editor’s note) cheap oil precisely will become a nightmare.

    Well we will look at my forecast in 2017.

    Price of oil of the Urals brand:

    The cost of oil of the Urals brand is usually slightly lower than the Brent grade. It speaks not only the increased content of sulfur and other impurity in her. The difference of their quotations makes, as a rule, 2 – 7%. At the same time there are periods when the Russian brand is a little more expensive than North Sea. Such situation happens in case of reduction of supply of these raw materials from Russia by the world markets. The fact is that many oil refineries of Europe use her as one of the main components for production of oil products. Technological processes at these enterprises are ready for strictly certain structure of initial raw materials and if to change him, then the structure of finished goods can be broken. Therefore, despite the temporary growth of cost of the Russian brand, demand for her in the European countries remains stable. One barrel of Yurals oil weighs on average 0.1373 tons some tons of oil of this brand 7.26 barrels contain on average.

    Well we will look at my forecast of V.A Petrenev for 22.02.2017 “oil of 47.98 dollars for barrel. Generally my forecast was correct where I determined such price how 50 dollars for barrel, but apparently from a ratio of the price don’t reach 50 dollars. I published these forecasts in the press two years ago.” The system which comes to one or the other unstable situation that is fifty on fifty has on itself always violation of symmetry therefore we observe volatility. But I do the forecast not because of it. Identification in a technological chain influences the price of oil, and not just influence because of composition of oil. Transition of a system in one or the other situations doesn’t define a state leads to trading. I died. Price of oil will depend on changes in technological chains and as far as Russia will cope with these. It is rather 50 dollars for barrel. My forecast from Petrenev 18.03.2020 with the official forecast for September, 2020.

    Deutsche Bank is interest rates of the Federal system which can be zero, but such practice began only quite recently, but very quickly took the markets, and now about 44% of all auction in the world are produced with use of algorithms of so-called high frequency trading (HFT) – high-frequency trading.
    This form of trade appeared rather recently, but for only a few her years all leading traders of the USA began to apply. But how effective was a technology where identification in technological chains becomes defining in a question of prices of oil.
    We remember Double expenditure (English Double-spending) — repeated sale (alienation) of the same assets. Usually it is about the systems of electronic payments in which the possibility of copying of a state is organically inherent that allows to make several payments of the same starting state.

    At the time the Ministry of Energy answered me that my statements can’t be accepted as evidential.

    It and is clear. In technological chains the mechanism where the most known object, being in a condition of quantum superposition is the cornerstone of identification processes, the cat of Schrödinger who is alive is, and I am dead at the same time. The international group of physicists experimentally confirmed that when passing a photon through three cracks also trajectories, impossible in terms of classical physics, give a contribution to the interferential picture received as a result. This opening confirmed incorrectness of widespread naive understanding of the principle of quantum superposition, and, perhaps, will allow to strengthen the existing schemes of operation of quantum computers.

    Identification technological chains demands not imaginary manipulation as with birthdays or double-entry bookkeeping. An issue of identification where in practice in the International Monetary Fund mainly the countries with soft currencies request granting the credit. Thereof the IMF, as a rule, grants the currency loans to member states kind of “on the security” of the corresponding sums of soft national currencies. As on them it seems there is no demand, and it seems then they therefore remain in Fund before repayment by their countries of issue of these currencies. And access of member countries to credit resources of the IMF is limited by certain conditions.

    But at the same time in the fund charter the framework for identification of his credit activity is very strictly defined there are two concepts being used: 1) the transaction (transaction) – granting currency means to the countries from his resources: 2) operation (operation) – rendering intermediary financial and technical services at the expense of borrowed funds. At the same time the IMF carries out credit operations only with official bodies – treasuries, the central banks, stabilization funds.

    All this isn’t new but why suddenly there was such issue of identification that the question of borrowed funds and Dead Souls so excited. All to …

    And here from change of identification in technological chains when money supply began to depend from not on borrowed funds, and from the identification in these chains led to change of the price policy on the same metals, products and to trade wars. Someone has to pay these changes. Borrowed funds of the population appeared not so much under the threat how many because of change of their functionality in technological chains these means turned into the price policy of transactions. (transaction). And rest to the village to the grandmother rose in price for 17%. And the taken measures for assignment for tourist tours on Russia from the enterprises have local character. Changes in a technological chain also don’t demand block information transfer in the form of blocks of transactions, for record of group of transactions in the Bitcoin system and similar to her. Identification in a technological chain is not transaction which is considered complete and reliable (“confirmed”) when her format and signatures and when transaction is united in group with several others are checked and is signed up in special structure — the block. Contents of blocks can be checked as each block contains information on the previous block. All blocks are built in one chain which contains information on all the operations made ever in base. The very first block in a chain — primary block (genesisblock) — is considered as a separate case as he has no parental block. At the moment there is no algorithm of obtaining desirable result, except random search.

    Interest rates of the Federal system which can be zero, but such practice began only quite recently, but very quickly took the markets, and now about 44% of all auction in the world are produced with use of algorithms of so-called high frequency trading (HFT) – high-frequency trading.
    This form of trade appeared for only a few years of her steel to apply everything the leading traders of the USA. For some several years not habitual solid misters in suits became the leading figures of business in this area. But also quickly also I stopped and came down to trade wars.

    From where all this appeared and why, and all from the same situation when in a complementary chain there was a substitution of a live chain on artificial, what we see at change in an identification chain, somehow that the polymers created by me on Bratsk Aluminum Plant polymers where macromolecules of polymer have the linear building, fully characterize system topology. Also form the topological insulator, that is condense, Or in the thinnest blanket this material carries current as metal (and even better). Such polymeric material in which makes a special quantum fortune of electrons in a blanket them not just carriers of current, but “topologically protected” carriers. Quantum conditions of electrons are stable on polymer — unlike usual conditions of particles on a surface, here they can’t be destroyed by pollution, not uniformity or other imperfections of material. Emergence of this layer influence of magnetic fields, on Bratsk Aluminum Plant became possible. Aluminum is a paramagnetic, he are magnetized in external magnetic field in the direction of lines of magnetic field. As well as any paramagnetic, it is non-magnetic in lack of magnetic field (atoms of aluminum have own magnetic moment and in lack of the field are located is made randomly that levels action of the magnetic moment) and is involved in magnetic field at his existence. Electromagnetic forces in fusion result from interaction of the magnetic field created by the current proceeding on structural elements of the electrolyzer perhaps could create the electrons coordinated in the behavior on polymer, but also polymer has the basis to hold electricity on the most edge — and only on this edge. And change of conductivity happens only strictly discrete quantum steps here, like what is observed in quantum effect of Hall. That is the fact that we call complementarity as addition of each other, as an opportunity at a usual temperature to achieve over conductivity. And the latest works in this area are made by natives of Scotland and the physics working in the USA David Taules and Michael Kosterlitts in the field of the condensed condition of substance, over one-dimensional and two-dimensional matter: in the works in 70-x years they proved that the superconductivity can appear in two-dimensional materials. Physicists also in common explained the mechanism of phase transition from a superconducting state at low temperatures to usual (at high). Edistvenno of what was missing – it is in in the range of time and distance to reach detection of the position of quantum. And here what we see – eternal life.

    Telomere trailer sites of chromosomes. Telomerny sites of chromosomes are characterized by lack of ability to connection with other chromosomes or their fragments and perform protective function. A primer (English primer) — a short fragment of nucleinic acid (олигонуклеотид), complementary DNA – or RNA targets; serves as a priming for synthesis of a complementary chain by means of a DNA polymerase (at DNA replication). The priming is necessary for DNA polymerases for initiation of synthesis of a new chain, with 3 ‘-the end (hydroxyl group) of a primer. The DNA polymerase consistently adds to 3’ – to the end of a primer nucleotides, complementary a matrix chain.

    To truncate the DNA and RNA protective function it will hardly turn out as representation that it leads to depreciation in hemoglobin (haemoglobinum) and by that will decrease oxygen level in blood. It is about complementary matrix chains where identification of two states as DNA and RNA can’t it is precisely defined. Therefore protective function of immunity of an organism is between two conditions of identification which aren’t distinguished. Just like, the copy – the original. Immune cages of an organism at the expense of a short chain of DNA And RNA accelerate interaction at detection (Identification) of a virus and apparently because the chain comes to one or the other unstable state she seeks. Replication (from replicatio — renewal) — process of creation of two affiliated molecules DNA on the basis of parental molecule DNA. Replication of DNA is carried out by the complex consisting of 15 — 20 various proteins-enzymes, replisomy. Replication fork a complex, with the help kotoroq there takes place replication of DNA of bacteria which complexity changes depending on an organism. By means of special enzymes the double spiral of maternal DNA untwines on two threads, on each formed thread the second thread, forming two identical affiliated molecules DNA which then are twisted in separate spirals is completed. During the subsequent division of a maternal cage each daughter cell receives according to one copy of molecule DNA which is identical DNA of an initial maternal cage. This process provides exact transfer of genetic information from generation to generation.

    The same that we see at the Hash function (English hash function from hash — “turn into forcemeat” , “mash”), or convolution function — the function which is carrying out the transformation of the array of input data of any length (output) bit line of the established length which is carried out by a certain algorithm. The transformation made a hash function is called hashing. Basic data are called the entrance massif, “key” or “message”. The result of transformation (output data) is called “hash”, “hash code”, “hash sum”, “the report of the message. Generally (according to Dirikhle’s principle) there is no unambiguous compliance between a hash code (output data) and basic (entrance) data. Returned a hash function of value (output data) are less various, than values of the entrance massif (input data). The case at which the hash function will transform more than one array of input data to identical reports is called “collision”. One of the simplest and universal methods of search of collisions is “the attack of birthdays” That actually change of identification in a complementary chain goes through the provision of 2 states. And the false substrate which the virus arranges to deceive the immune system that it became native has on itself transformation of a fork Replication ( replicatio is renewal) — process of creation of two affiliated molecules DNA on the basis of parental molecule DNA. In this case the probability of forecasting of accidental process due to identification of two provisions takes other form. I don’t speak about a mutation. I say that replication renewal goes in a short chain Nucleinic acid ( nucleus is a kernel) — high-molecular organic compound, bio polymer (polynucleotide). The DNA and RNA nucleinic acids are present at cages and bears function on storage, transfer and implementation of hereditary information. And suddenly We speak about protein of hemoglobin (haemoglobinum), and I speak about identification in structure of DNA. At patients with the heavy course of COVID-19 the hemoglobin level — the protein transferring oxygen decreases. It is said in the research published in the magazine Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy. The nature of telomere fusion and a definition of the critical telomere length in human cells.

    Therefore when the representative appeared Mosenergosbyt in 10-00 05.03.2021 came to take of the meter reading. I told, and you don’t know that you don’t install me the counter, the worker, and at you likely MPI already answered, it is possible to think it doesn’t know. Yes came for me.

    At a group form 3 founders.

    MosOblEIRTs have three founders:
    1. PJSC Mosenergosbyt (50.1%) in which the biggest share belongs to family Kovalchukov.
    2. SUE MO “Kommunalnye sistemy Moskovskoy oblasti” (25.1%), that is the government of the Moscow region under the leadership of the governor Andriy Vorobyov.
    3. JSC Regional Information Calculating Center (24.8%) — that is, Bank Rossiya besides Yury Kovalchuk. I don’t think that it was necessary to send the worker of 05.03.2021 allegedly he pretends that he does check of the counter. In day of death of mother also on September 18, 1998 10-00 three entered. There is a change of identification in a matrix system and everything you touched three complementary groups, came not on that level. If I just touched distribution of financial flows, no, I touched a matrix and identification of elements in her a type of distribution of power capacities if it is so popular to explain.

    Head department of the Moscow region of “The state Housing inspectorate of the Moscow region” to A.S. Belousov you dear A.S Belousov and Mosenergosbyt notified me 08.08.2020 that will install the electric counter within 6 months. The decision was made by you, but not because stretched performance till 23.12.2020 of Russian Federation Government decree No. 2184, “According to the changes made to Rules No. 354 that if as of April 1, 2020 or earlier the metering device of electric energy I was absent, the term of his operation expired or it failed, installation of the new metering device has to be carried out by the guaranteeing supplier till December 31, 2023. In 2017 you made check where by you it was established that the stated counter Mosenergosbyt isn’t true. Readings were taken since 2013 up to 2016 and the established consumption by the controller Mosenergosbyt, made 80 kWh and data came on the counter which Mosenergosbyt refused to seal, for what reason. Consumption became after 2016 in the apartment instead of 80 kw/hour 148 kw/hour. And controller of 77 kWh. And not N.N Petreneva, but N. Petreneva. In
    To change the established consumption of 80 kw/hour for the invented 145 kWh allegedly, there the counter didn’t begin to be changed, didn’t begin to be sealed, number allegedly is registered in Mosenergosbyt, illegal consumption energy consumption, allegedly non-admission to the apartment of the controller allegedly isn’t established. It it is necessary to think before making such statements. What Russian Federation Government decree No. 2184 of 23.12.2020 where “According to the changes made to Rules No. 354 is related to energy consumption. The payment for utilities of power supply is defined proceeding from the average monthly volume of consumption at me 80 kw.
    You never know will want, the supplier of electric energy that paid not on the counter, and paid according to the standard twice bigger and isn’t interested to carry out replacement of counters or there not to observe terms of replacement of electric counters within 6 months from the date of receipt of the address of the consumer about the expiration of an interval between checkings, but to prove it by different porkazatel of an eneropotrebleniye. Why to mislead citizens. If my apartment of a rasschin on the consumption of 80 kWh then specified Mosenergosbyt consumption in 148 kw/hour leads to faulty conducting. The same as in the washing machine to set the mode of 90 degrees, conducting which isn’t calculated on such consumption will burn down. The commission represented by Uniform Clearing house of Noginsk together with “Mosenergosbyt” and the representative of Head Department of the Moscow region of “The state Housing inspectorate of the Moscow region” just elementary tried to push to me
    to me the podolzhny act in 2017 about backdating. 06:12 2013 when I have the present act of the act of 05:12 2013 where there was other electric counter, his native counter.

    05.03.2021, 10.-38, V.A Petrenev.


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