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The EU budget and coronavirus [What Think Tanks are thinking]

European Union leaders and institutions are now discussing plans to provide a major boost to the European economy to help it recover from the coronavirus crisis.

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Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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European Union leaders and institutions are now discussing plans to provide a major boost to the European economy to help it recover from the coronavirus crisis. They are doing so in the context of the new long-term EU budget, which would see the total ‘own resources’ ceiling for the Union more or less doubled. On 19 June 2020, the members of the European Council exchanged views digitally on the European Commission’s linked proposals, tabled on 27 May, for (i) a new ‘Next Generation EU’ recovery fund, and (ii) an updated Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the next seven-year financing period, from 2021 to 2027, in which the recovery fund would be embedded. The European Council will discuss these proposals again (in person) on 17-18 July in Brussels. In this context, think tankers and policy analysts have been debating the proposals and assessing their potential effectiveness.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports from international think tanks on coronavirus and related issues. Earlier publications on financing the fight against the coronavirus can be found in the previous item in this series, published by EPRS on 8 June.

How to spend it: A proposal for a European Covid-19 recovery programme
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, July 2020

An opportunity to improve the MFF permanently
European Policy Centre, June 2020

Un budget de relance ambitieux, mais de dures négociations à prévoir
Jacques Delors Centre, June 2020

How to spend it right: A more democratic governance for the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility
Hertie School – Jacques Delors Centre, Bertelsmann Stiftung, June 2020

The EU’s recovery fund proposals: Crisis relief with massive redistribution
Bruegel, June 2020

An ambitious recovery budget, tough negotiations ahead
Notre Europe, June 2020

Le cadre financier pluriannuel 2021/2027: Être le phare
Fondation Robert Schuman, June 2020

Three-quarters of Next Generation EU payments will have to wait until 2023
Bruegel, June 2020

Les banques européennes à l’épreuve de la crise du Covid-19
Centre d’études Prospectives et d’informations Internationales, June 2020

Italian economic recovery plan
Polish Institute of International Affairs, June 2020

Financing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development: Prerequisites and opportunities for the post-Covid-19 crisis
Institut du Développement durable et des Relations Internationales, June 2020

Next generation EU bonds might face a credit-rating challenge
Central for European Policy Studies, June 2020

The US and Europe have addressed Covid unemployment in divergent ways: The differences are revealing
Atlantic Council, June 2020

The ground-breaking novelties of the Franco-German proposal and the misuse of the abacus
Luiss School of European Political Economy, May 2020

The role of greater cohesion funding for solidarity and sustainability post-Covid-19
Institute for European Environmental Policy, May 2020

Options for a European Recovery Fund
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, May 2020

The European Union’s SURE plan to safeguard employment: A small step forward
Bruegel, May 2020

How Germany’s Constitutional Court jump-started the Franco-German engine
Council on Foreign Relations, May 2020

The EU recovery fund is a historic step, almost
Centre for European Reform, May 2020

Whatever it takes, for as long as is needed: Mapping a new European recovery programme
Wilfried Martens Centre, May 2020

When the Franco-German ‘couple’ starts making sense again
Instituto Affari Intrnazionali, May 2020

Rebooting Europe: A framework for a post Covid-19 economic recovery
Bruegel, May 2020

The recovery fund: Legal issues
Luiss School of European Political Economy, May 2020

Governing in times of social distancing: The effects of Covid-19 on EU decision-making
European Policy Centre, April 2020

Beyond coronabonds: A new constituent for Europe
Instituto Affari Internazionali, April 2020

Will Covid-19 reduce the resistance to Eurobonds?
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 2020

A proposal for a coronabond: The Pandemic Solidarity Instrument
Centre for European Reform, April 2020

Protecting employment in the time of coronavirus
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 2020

Europe’s debate on fiscal policy: Too much yet too little
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 20

A European approach to fund the coronavirus cost is in the interest of all
Bruegel, April 202

Comment le budget de l’UE peut-il contribuer à résoudre la crise du coronavirus?
Jacques Delors Institute, March 2020

Towards a new MFF: New priorities and their impact on Italy
Centre for European Policy Studies, February 2020.

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