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Remaining active in spite of the pandemic

This year, the #BeActive campaign, which has accompanied the event since its launch by the European Commission in 2015, is driving its message home with new urgency.
As teleworking, self-isolation and (for a while) closed gyms
became a daily reality, finding new, creative ways to remain
physically active is now essential.

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Written by Ivana Katsarova.

This year, the seventh edition of the European Week of Sport (23-30 September) will kick off again in unusual circumstances. The official opening will take place on 23 September at Lake Bled (Slovenia) and will be centred around three core themes – joy, resilience and inter-generations – thus bringing the Week to life through inspirational and real-life stories. The lockdown measures put in place to curb the coronavirus pandemic have made the initiative more necessary than ever. Indeed, while pre-pandemic levels of physical activity were generally low, lockdown has had the unintended consequence of reducing this activity even further.

Read this ‘at a glance’ on ‘Remaining active in spite of the pandemic‘ in the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

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