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Sustainable and smart mobility strategy

Transport is the backbone of the EU economy, connecting people and businesses across various EU regions and countries Continue reading

2021 the European year of rail

As it has done every year since 1983, the EU selects a specific topic on which to raise awareness and encourage public debate throughout the year. Continue reading

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Transport policy [Policy Podcast]

Transport is a strategic sector of the EU economy. Essential to ensuring free movement, it enables people and goods to overcome distances, borders and natural barriers, directly affecting the everyday lives of all EU citizens. Continue reading

Implementation of macro-regional strategies

While each macro-regional strategy is unique in terms of the countries it brings together and the scope of its policies, they all share the same common aim: to ensure a coordinated approach to issues that are best tackled together. Continue reading

Civil and military drones: Navigating a disruptive and dynamic technological ecosystem [Policy podcast]

Often labelled as one of today’s main disruptive technologies, drones have indeed earned this label by prompting a fundamental rethinking of business models, existing laws, safety and security standards, the future of transport, and modern warfare. Continue reading

Access to the occupation of road transport operator and to the international road haulage market [EU Legislation in Progress]

In order to contribute to the efficient functioning of the single market in road transport and to ensure fair competition between resident and non-resident hauliers, the EU put in place two regulations, which have applied since December 2011. Continue reading

The trans-European transport network – state of play in 2016

Written by Marketa Pape, The European Union’s transport infrastructure policy is shifting from the former approach based on priority projects to building an interconnected trans-European transport network (TEN-T) to allow people and goods to move quickly and easily throughout the EU. The development of the network is based on revised TEN-T infrastructure guidelines and the … Continue reading

Single European Sky

Written by Ariane Debyser Building on the achievements of the internal market and the need to cope with growth in air transport and congestion, the European Commission launched the Single European Sky (SES) initiative in 1999. Its core objective is to reform the architecture of air traffic control in the EU in order to meet … Continue reading

Inland waterways in the EU

At more than 37 000 kilometres, the European Union (EU) has one of the longest networks of inland waterways in the world, spanning 20 Member States and connecting hundreds of cities and industrial sites. Inland waterways are important for transporting goods from major seaports to their hinterland. Considered a quiet and energy-efficient means of transport, it … Continue reading

Future of the Trans-European transport network

The priorities and objectives for the develop­ment of the Trans-European transport network (TEN-T) are set out in the TEN-T guidelines. Parliament is currently examining a Commission proposal to overhaul the existing guidelines. Background Conceived to ensure the good functioning of the internal market, economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as improved accessibility throughout the … Continue reading

Alternative transport fuels: infrastructure needed

The development of alternative fuels for transport is a necessity to reduce the EU’s dependence on imports of crude oil, as well as to decarbonise transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Significant innovation and technological progress have been made in new forms of fuels, to power different transport modes and using combustion or electric engines. … Continue reading

La règlementation sociale de l’UE dans les transports

L’élaboration et la mise en œuvre de la politique sociale de l’UE demeurent principalement du ressort des États membres. Ceci explique en grande partie l’absence d’harmonisation dans ce domaine. Cependant, un mouvement de régulation sociale dans les transports a commencé progressivement à partir des années 1970. Deux thèmes ont été essentiellement traités: l’aménagement du temps … Continue reading

Transport is not a problem any more!

On 16 October 2012 the European Transport Forum hosted a conference on the funding of European transportation networks. Transport is the lifeblood of the European economy! Taking inspiration in the 2010 Monti report on the new Strategy for the Single Market, EC Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas, said that a truly integrated Single Market would … Continue reading

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