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Attribution de contrats de concession

6 language versions available in PDF format Konzessionsvergabe Adjudicación de contratos de concesión Attribution de contrats de concession Aggiudicazione dei contratti di concessione Udzielanie koncesji Attribution of concession awards Les concessions constituent une forme importante de partenariats public-privé, à la disposition des autorités publiques pour la réalisation d’infrastructures (par ex. routes à péages) ou la … Continue reading

The key elements of a European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision reform

Natalia Gorczowska, Andrew Symeou, Robert Hörchner are just three of the names often invoked to demonstrate what appear to be the lacunae of the European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision (EAWFD). A long-standing advocate for the reform and improvement of the EAWFD, MEP Sarah Ludford (ALDE, UK) has been appointed Rapporteur for a report on the review of the EAW. In … Continue reading

Le champ d’application de la Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne (CDFUE)

Un aspect toujours incertain de la CDFUE est son champ d’application. Conformément à l’article 51 de la Charte, ses dispositions s’adressent aux institutions, organes et organismes de l’Union dans le respect du principe de subsidiarité, ainsi qu’aux États membres uniquement lorsqu’ils mettent en œuvre le droit de l’Union. Bien qu’inclus dans la Charte pour une … Continue reading

La Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne et son impact sur les litiges entre particuliers

L’effet horizontal des dispositions de la Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne (CDFUE) est une question épineuse à laquelle les juges de la Cour de Justice de l’Union européenne n’ont pas encore eu l’occasion de répondre. Cependant, l’affaire Association de médiation sociale (C-176/12), actuellement devant la Cour, semble présenter cette problématique. Qu’est-ce qu’est l’effet … Continue reading

Unfair terms in contracts and EU law: Unfair Terms Directive and Common European Sales Law

‘Standard terms contracts’ are an inevitable part of everyday transactions for both businesses and consumers. Parties using such contracts may, however, rely on their advantageous position in order to impose unfair terms on the other contracting party. This has prompted national courts and legislatures to implement measures aimed at combating such terms. In order to … Continue reading

Using ‘scoreboards’ to assess justice systems

The European Commission published the first edition of the EU Justice Scoreboard in March 2013, a document assessing the quality of the justice systems in the Member States. The Commission’s initiative falls within a broader set of reports and indicators aimed at evaluating justice systems and the rule of law. Background Numerical indicators increasingly have … Continue reading

Bilan de l’initiative citoyenne européenne

Premier instrument de démocratie participative transnationale au monde, l’initiative citoyenne européenne (ICE) a été introduite par le Traité de Lisbonne afin de permettre aux citoyens de l’Union européenne (UE) d’intervenir plus activement dans la vie démocratique de celle-ci. Les modalités de la mise en œuvre de l’ICE ont été fixées en février 2011 par le … Continue reading

Towards a reform of EU law on package travel

The tourist sector is an important part of the EU’s economy, generating 10% of its GDP. The internet and the rise of low-cost airlines have changed both business approaches and consumer behaviour patterns. Instead of traditional pre-arranged packages, many tourists now either combine the different elements of their holidays themselves or purchase customised packages. The … Continue reading

Revising Schengen governance rules

6 language versions available in PDF format Überarbeitung der Schengen-Bestimmungen Revisando las normas de gobernanza de Schengen Révision des règles de gouvernance de Schengen Revisione delle norme sulla governance di Schengen Przegląd przepisów dotyczących zarządzania strefą Schengen Revising Schengen governance rules After a year of negotiations the European Parliament (EP) and the Council have reached … Continue reading

The notion of ‘consumer’ in EU law

The notion of ‘consumer’ is a key concept de­limiting the application of consumer-pro­tection rules. However, not only is there no con­sis­tent and uniform definition in EU law, there are also divergences amongst the Member States. Background The notion of consumer stems from economics and sociology. Nevertheless, it has developed an autonomous meaning in the legal … Continue reading

Système ferroviaire français condamné par la Cour européenne

Dans un arrêt rendu le 18 avril 2013, la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne estime que la France a manqué à ses obligations découlant du droit de l’Union dans le domaine du transport ferroviaire. Fonctions essentielles La directive 91/440 a initié la libéralisation du transport ferroviaire afin d’assurer un accès équitable et non discriminatoire … Continue reading

Protection of minors in the media environment. EU regulatory mechanisms

Children are increasingly exposed to online content, through a growing range of mobile devices, and at ever younger ages. At the same time, they have specific needs and vulnerabilities which need to be addressed. Ways to limit and prohibit the spread of illicit and harmful media content in relation to young people have been debated … Continue reading

A law of administrative procedure for the EU

6 language versions available in PDF format Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht für die EU Ley de Procedimiento Administrativo para la UE Droit de procédure administrative de l’Union Un diritto in materia di procedimenti amministrativi per l’UE Prawo postępowania administracyjnego dla UE A law of administrative procedure for the EU The EU administration has expanded considerably in recent decades. … Continue reading

2013 European Year of Citizens

6 language versions available Europäisches Jahr der Bürgerinnen und Bürger (2013) 2013 Año Europeo de los Ciudadanos Année européenne des citoyens 2013 Anno europeo dei cittadini 2013 Rok 2013 Europejskim Rokiem Obywateli The Commission has proposed to make 2013 the Year of Citizens in order to raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities. Particular attention … Continue reading

Drinking water and irrigation override ecological arguments

EU law theoretically does not preclude the diversion of a river, but the member state must precisely identify the adverse impact of the project on sites concerned and take all compensatory measures needed to protect the environment. This was the answer given by the EU Court of Justice, on 11 September (Case C-43/10), to several … Continue reading

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