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Coronavirus: Tough decisions ahead [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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As the coronavirus crisis shows no sign of abating globally, many governments around the world face tough choices between easing virus containment measures, in order to allow economic recovery, or keeping these measures in place, to protect their citizens’ health and their healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. They have launched vast financial programmes to support vulnerable households and the newly unemployed, backed banks to keep credit flowing in the economy, and strengthened healthcare systems in anticipation of a possible second wave.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports from international think tanks on coronavirus and related issues. Earlier publications on financing the fight against the coronavirus can be found in the previous item in this series, published by EPRS on 6 July.

The financial fragility of European households in the time of Covid-19
Bruegel, July 2020

Conséquences et leçons d’un virus
Institut français des relations internationales, July 2020

Economy must not get stuck between lockdown and recovery
Chatham House, July 2020

EU recovery plans should fund the Covid-19 battles to come; not be used to nurse old wounds
Bruegel, July 2020

Masks off: Chinese coronavirus assistance in Europe
German Marshall Fund, July 2020

Covid could surge anywhere: This tool helps hospitals prepare
Rand Corporation, July 2020

Learning to live in a riskier world
Rand Corporation, July 2020

SURE: From temporary facility to permanent instrument
Centre for European Policy Studies, July 2020

Circulation et commercialisation de chloroquine en Afrique de l’Ouest: Une géopolitique du médicament à la lumière du Covid-19
Institut français des relations internationales, July 2020

Credible emerging market central banks could embrace quantitative easing to fight COVID-19
Bruegel, July 2020

What will the next ‘Great Depression’ look like?
Friends of Europe, July 2020

Health sovereignty: How to build a resilient European response to pandemics
European Council on Foreign Relations, July 2020

Next generation EU: Shock absorber or larger, debt-financed EU budget?
Centre for European Policy Studies, July 2020

BRI and cities: New opportunities of investment after Covid-19
Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale, July 2020

Lukashenko’s Coronavirus election
German Marshall Fund, July 2020

Contextualizing the United Kingdom’s high Coronavirus mortality rates among Muslims
German Marshall Fund, July 2020

Europe’s good crisis
Centre for European Policy Studies, July 2020

Clearer role for business regulators needed in monitoring trade agreements
Chatham House, July 2020

Covid-19 and the old-new politics of irregular migration from Libya
Wilfried Martens Centre, July 2020

Transatlantic Trends 2020
German Marshall Fund, Bertelsmann Foundation, Institute Montaingne, June 2020

Covid-19, le djihadisme au défi d’une pandémie
Fondation pour la recherche stratégique, June 2020

Together in trauma: Europeans and the world after Covid-19
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2020

A path to recovery from Covid-19 for small businesses
Rand Corporation, June 2020

Could the Coronavirus pandemic revive international cooperation?
Council on Foreign Relations, June 2020

Resilience in the face of a pandemic: Covid weighs unevenly across racial lines
Brookings Institution, June 2020

Emergency powers, Covid-19 and the new challenge for human rights
Instituto Affari Internazionali, June 2020

Is Covid-19 a game changer for Transatlantic narratives on China?
Chatham House, June 2020

The latest crisis of the European Union: The political, economic, and social consequences of the new coronavirus
Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, June 2020

The multilateral order post-Covid: Expert voices
Institute for International and European Affairs, June 2020

Aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem in the United States: Trends before and during the corona pandemic
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, June 2020

Quelles initiatives politiques internationales pour la prévention des maladies infectieuses d’origine zoonotique?
IDDRI, June 2020

Covid-19 and the Syrian economy: Implications for social justice
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, June 2020

Health sovereignty: How to build a resilient European response to pandemics
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2020

Revitalizing resilience is a tough but vital political challenge
Chatham House, June 2020

China’s responsibility for the Covid-19 pandemic: An international law perspective
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, June 2020

Read this briefing on ‘Coronavirus: Tough decisions ahead‘ in the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

Read all EPRS publications on the coronavirus outbreak



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