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EU secure connectivity programme: Building a multi-orbital satellite constellation [EU Legislation in Progress]

In the twin digital and ecological transition, connectivity is gaining importance as a key element of societal resilience.

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Written by Clément Evroux (2nd edition, updated on 04.10.2022).

Satellite communication is becoming a strategic asset for governments and civil society alike, in the context of the twin digital and ecological transition. Complementary to terrestrial networks, it can contribute to seamless digital communication, even when such networks are absent or disrupted. It builds on technological advances to ensure both low latency and global coverage, as well as the deployment of other emerging technologies such as quantum-based cybersecurity.

Today, the EU does not have a dedicated infrastructure (including space and ground segments) to offer satellite communication services to governments, the economy and civil society. Several EU global partners and competitors are investing in parallel in such capabilities.

On 15 February 2022, the European Commission presented a proposal to improve the resilience of EU communication services by developing and operating a multi-orbital connectivity infrastructure (with both space and ground segments), based on a public-partnership model. Governmental services would be operational from 2025, and private services at a later stage.

In the European Parliament, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) is handling the file, with Christophe Grudler as rapporteur (Renew Europe, France). The draft report is scheduled for adoption by ITRE on 13 October 2022. Work in the Council is ongoing in the Working Party on Space.


Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Union Secure Connectivity Programme for the period 2023-2027
Committee responsible:Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)COM(2022) 57
Rapporteur:Christophe Grudler (Renew, France)2022/0039(COD)
Shadow rapporteurs:Massimiliano Salini (EPP, Italy)
Ivo Hristov (S&D, Bulgaria)
Niklas Nienass (Greens/EFA, Germany)
Matteo Adinolfi (ID, Italy)
Evžen Tošenovský (ECR, Czechia)
Ordinary legislative
procedure (COD)
(Parliament and Council
on equal footing –
formerly ‘co-decision’)
Next steps expected: Publication of draft report
EU Legislation in progress timeline

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